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4 Reasons Why You Need a Website For Your Dental Practice

If your dental practice doesn’t have an online presence in the form of a responsive website, chances are that you’re holding your practice back in a major way.

These are just a few ways your practice can benefit from a new website design:

1. Customizable

A website allows your dental practice to highlight features that you feel separate your business from the competition and individualize your brand.

With VivioSites customizable site designs, you can adapt your web presence to fit the identity of your practice, with a content management system that allows you to change the format and substance of the site at any time.

2. Simple Mobile Capability

Any time you provide a crucial service for your customers, like dental care, you need a platform that makes it simple for them to make and view appointments. In the era of instantly accessible information, we understand that most people use mobile devices primarily to organize their lives.

Additionally, customer support options that are easy to use on a mobile device mean that when your patients have an issue with their appointment or need to make an emergency visit, a receptive customer service line is available at any time, at their fingertips.

VivioSites offers a customizable mobile interface on a simple platform so that patients can use it for appointments with ease.


mobile dental website

3. Education and Information at the Patients’ Fingertips

Of course, patients should be able to navigate your practice’s site for purposes other than viewing and making appointments. For years, dentists and doctors offices have been known for pamphlets with various information about procedures, insurance plans and general health information.

With a navigable online presence for your dental practice, you can provide these sorts of resources available in an intuitive menu for customers who inquire about information regarding their dental health.

4. Cast a Wide Net For New Patients

Companies use their websites to attract new visitors and convert them to customers of their service. With effective SEO strategies like blogging and keyword utilization, you can expand your practices’ reach online, and increase your conversion rate.

VivioSites will help build a  website that is easy to use for effective conversions, and easy to track the products of your site’s SEO. With VivioSites’ customer analytics options, you’ll see exactly how many visitors come to your page and see the return on your investment firsthand.

The fact is, there may not be any clear signs that you need to expand your online presence with a website, but by not expanding your reach into the information age and utilizing all the tools available, you may well be holding your business back.


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