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4 Steps to A Great Dental Website

For over ten years, VivioSites has helped hundreds of dentists find and attract thousands of new patients. We use dozens of strategies – paid ads, social media marketing, etc. – but the cornerstone of all our efforts has always been great dental website design.

Over the years, we have found that while many dentists have a vision of what the website will look like, few dentists take the time to plan the content, audience, and goals of the site. You can have the most beautiful website on the planet but if it is not effectively tailored to your core demographic you could be missing out on dozens of new patients each month.

To design a truly great dental website, consider the below points:

Who is visiting your site? Of course, people looking for a dentist – but what types of people? Are you hoping to attract cosmetic patients? Will your site mainly be viewed by mothers selecting a dentist for the entire family? Your website needs to speak to your audience visually and verbally. Your audience needs to feel like they are your preferred client. If you are looking for more implant patients, for example, your site shouldn’t feature photos of smiling children on the homepage.

What questions will a potential patient have for you? During their first appointment, patients may ask dozens of questions to learn more about you and your dental practice, but the vetting process starts days before they even schedule the first appointment.

Patients will research several dentists before selecting the right one for them. Questions they might have include: Can I afford you? How long have you been practicing dentistry? What do other patients think of this practice? What insurances are accepted? Do you also offer cosmetic treatments?

Try to address all concerns that a patient has before making their appointment. Your dental website should serve as an information hub for potential new patients. You don’t want a patient to rule you out as their dentist simply because they couldn’t find your weekend hours on your website!

How will new patients find your new website? You’ve finally done it! You’ve created a beautiful website bursting with all the information a new patient could ever want! Now how will they find it?

The truth is, just because a website exists doesn’t mean a patient can find it easily. While planning your new website, you should also consider how people will navigate to this new site. Will you be sending postcards to the neighborhood? Using search engine optimization? Pay-per-click? Social Media?

Once on your website, what do you want new patients to do? This seems like a silly question, but you want to make it very clear the action you want your users to take and how they can best do it. Do you prefer a phone call? Should patients send an email? Should they fill out your appointment request form? Prominent calls to action placed on every page of the website should serve as goal posts for your potential patients. Make it easy.

A key component of this entire process is choosing the best dental website company to help you accomplish your goals. We understand that most dentists aren’t marketing experts and don’t want to be! Choose a company that works with you to answer these questions and incorporates them into a website that looks great, holds your patient’s attention, converts browsers into patients.