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4 Twitter Marketing Tips

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From what we’ve seen, most dentists on Twitter are either great at marketing their practice to potential patients in the Twitterverse, or absolutely terrible at it. There’s not really a middle ground.

Unlike marketing your dental practice on Facebook or Google +, you are very limited with the amount of space you have to work with to get an interesting piece of content across. Twitter feeds go by quickly and your marketing message can be gone in an instant.

To maximize your chances of your posts being “sticky”, you need to build a relationship with your followers. It doesn’t matter if you have 2,000 followers if none of them interact with your practice. You should have to have quality followers that retweet and favorite your posts. Having a loyal following leads to much more website traffic and new patient referrals.

Read more about marketing your practice to patients on Twitter and learn these 4 Twitter Marketing tips.

When it comes to Twitter marketing, many people think they need to have a big audience in order to get good results. Having a big audience does help, but there is more to marketing than the number of followers you have. Some people who have 500 targeted followers are more successful than people with 1,000 [ ]

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