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4 Ways to Market Your Practice in the Fall

Our clients are always looking for new dental marketing ideas. Here are just a few!

Promote Teeth Whitening to Combat Fall Foods

Pumpkin Spice coffee, Halloween candy, mulled wine, candied yams, pecan pie and other festive foods and drinks of fall are detrimental to white teeth! Use this to your advantage by promoting teeth whitening services, cleanings and services that help decrease tooth discoloration.

Focus on Families with Schoolchildren

Find families in your patient database that have kids that are in school (even college) and invite them to schedule their bi-annual exam and cleaning before schedules get too busy. College students will be getting ready to leave for school in August, but will most likely will be back in the area during Thanksgiving time, as well as Christmas, so it is important to take advantage of this by making sure they book appointments with your office.

Remind parents that other treatments, such as sports mouth guards or orthodontic treatments may be necessary at the specific age-level of their child and their extracurriculars. This will get parents thinking holistically about getting their child ready for back-to-school, and it will involve a trip to the dentist!

Collaborate with Local Businesses

Finding businesses in the area that are selling back to school materials, school uniforms, Halloween costumes and more are a great idea to cross-promote respective businesses. Offer coupons or cards for the businesses to give out after purchases to generate patients. Promote each other on social media or websites. This can help you reach patients that you normally might not be able to engage with.

Get into the Halloween Spirit

Offer a free toothbrush, cleaning or other goodies to young patients that show up in Halloween costumes for their appointment. This will make going to the dentist fun and help you generate revenue.

Candy buyback programs are also a fantastic way to get children involved in their dental health. Some buyback programs also involve charity, such as sending the collected candy to troops overseas. This will help children not have so many sugary treats during the season, while promoting your business and doing something charitable! For more information on candy buyback programs, click here.

There are many ways this season can be used to a dental practice’s advantage. Be sure to get creative and get involved. If you need more help promoting your business, Viviosites is always here to help this fall, and all year round!