Babies below 12 months should be fed a special galactose-free formula recommended by a doctor. your own Pins on Pinterest } … Soy milk is only advisable for a baby who is more than a year old. Milk makes mucus, so, if you are suffering from cough and sore throat, do not drink milk till you get well. Vitamin E, EFAs essential fatty acids) that are required. Use a milk that has less fat and/or protein. Joyya ultrafiltered milk (super high protein milk) $2 for 1 Liter size Dairyland cottage cheese (500 gram tub) $3 Nestle shakes, Beatrice or Dairyland chocolate milk (different brands depending on which province you’re in) – 473 ml size $1 each No Frills GROCERY Deals ","itemSelected":"Item selected. According to his parents he was allergic to both lactose and gluten. target_type: 'mix' Though soy milk does have health benefits for children, it is important to be aware of some of the dangers. Use up and down arrow keys to navigate. [CDATA[ */ var superpwa_sw = {"url":"\/superpwa-sw.js"}; /* ]]> */ /* \\n\\tShare<\\\/a>\\n\\t
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