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5 Ways to Market Yourself as a Great Dentist

Here at VivioSites, we believe great dentists and great dentistry are imperative for quality healthcare. That’s why we’re committed to helping the best dentists connect with the patients who need them- quickly and easily.

Even though we are experts at helping great dentists find and attract new patients, self-promotion always helps! Here are 5 ways you can get your name in front of potential patients.

  • Start Writing – This doesn’t necessarily mean an article for a major publication. It could be as simple as a post on LinkedIn or getting something published in a periodical or an online newspaper. This will showcase your expertise and will improve your visibility on Google.
  • Get Quoted – You’re a professional, and an expert in your field. This makes you a perfect source for writers and journalists to use in their articles. If you become somebody’s go-to source on a particular subject, not only will they help improve your exposure, but also, they might recommend you to other journalists etc.
  • Use Email – Use email to share what you have been doing. If you’ve written an article recently, include it in your email signature. Let people know what’s new with you, without coming across as pestering.
  • Leverage Social Media – Social media is an incredibly powerful tool when used correctly. Sharing your accomplishments and publications on social media affords the opportunity to reach a much larger and broader audience than email. Use these platforms to share your thoughts on news relevant to your field. Make sure people know that you care about your field while still maintaining your professionalism.
  • Speak Publicly – As a professional in your industry, you have unique knowledge and expertise to offer to the public. Public speaking doesn’t necessarily mean getting up in front of a theater full of people. Recording a YouTube video or being a guest on somebody’s webinar can have fantastic results. This could potentially lead to more opportunities, and if you ever get the chance to be a speaker for a reputable organization in the dental industry, take advantage of the opportunity!

These avenues for self-promotion are cost-effective and overall quite easy to implement. Even at the smallest levels, self-marketing can contribute to a patient increase. Put the time and effort into your self-promotion and someday you may be able to say to patients that you were asked to speak at an impressive dental conference or webinar. Market yourself, and your practice will be better for it.