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7 Ways to Book More New Patient Appointments

Book More New Patient Appointments with these 7 tips

Since our start in 2009, our mission has remained the same: help dental practices find and attract new patients. Here are just a few tips from our team.



When a potential new patient calls your office the last thing they want to be told when they call is that you are unable to see them for another 4 weeks. First impressions are everything, and the first interaction a potential patient has with your practice may be the difference between gaining a patient for life and losing one to the competition.

Tip #1: Leave an empty slot in your calendar each week for new patients.              

Likewise, you should consider accepting emergency patients. While dental emergencies are few and far between, if you can help a new patient during an emergency you have won them as a patient for life.

Tip #2: Leave an after-hours emergency phone number on your voicemail message.


Instant Gratification


With the rise of smart phones, patients are becoming accustomed to receiving information immediately. We understand you can’t be at the office 24/7, but here are just a few ways you can provide instant gratification.

Tip #3 – #6: 

  • Allow patients to request an appointment online.
  • Provide downloadable forms and instructions.
  • Add procedures information to your website to educate patients after hours.
  • Set up an email auto responder that acknowledges receipt of your patients’ message.


Increase Exposure

On average, a consumer needs to be exposed to your brand three times before taking an action, which means your practice needs to have a website, social media, and additional online listings in order to catch the eye of a potential new patient.

A potential new patient also needs to be able to easily find you online. If your dental website isn’t on the first page of the major search engines, chances are you will not be hearing from them!

Tip #7: Learn more about how VivioSites can help you find & attract new patients, give our office a call at (800) 227-2513.