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7 Tips To Get The Most Out Of Dental Patient Survey Emails

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Surveys are a fantastic way to gauge how your dental office is doing. Besides being effective, they don’t require too much time and effort to put together and execute.

However, like all projects large and small, you want to make sure ALL aspects are covered to avoid a  waste of time and resources. That’s why I thought this article was important enough to share. Many of these tips were used by VivioSites when conducting our own surveys.

VivioSites has a large number of dental website clients and as most companies do, we wanted to monitor the satisfaction level directly from our customers. When putting together various surveys, we often thought about how best to construct our surveys to get the most people to take them.

Similar to the way websites are borderline useless if patients can’t ever find them, a well-constructed survey is useless if your audience won’t bother to take it.

That’s why more thought needs to go in to how to get people to open it. That is what this helpful article is about. From subject lines to personalization, it highlights 7 useful tips that you can start utilizing right away.

Email is one of the most popular channels for distributing a survey. But for some reason, most of the emails I receive that include a survey look like they were thrown together as an afterthought. Many have boring subject lines and uninspiring copy and creative, so I rarely feel compelled to participate.

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