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Virtual ToothFairy Ball & Online Auction

Here at VivioSites, we believe great dentists and great dentistry are imperative for quality healthcare.  That’s why we’re committed to helping the best dentists connect with the patients who need them- quickly and easily.

Additionally, we are committed to expanding access to great dental care to everyone who needs it. Through our portfolio of digital marketing services, we seek to help great dentists grow their practices by making them easy to find and identify online.

To help us in these goals, we have partnered with several organizations who are committed to the same, including America’s ToothFairy (National Children’s Oral Health Foundation.)

Beginning November 1, 2017 America’s ToothFairy is holding an online auction & virtual ball to raise money to “to expand the delivery of oral health education and increase the capacity of non-profit and safety net dental clinics to provide preventive services and treatment for children in need.”

There are dozens of items up for auction and all proceeds will be used towards saving young smiles!

Check out the auction here: https://cbo.io/bidapp/index.php?slug=toothfairyball