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Auditing Your Web Presence Part 1: Website

Auditing Your Web Presence Part 1: Website

The short answer is it can get you more new patients.

The long answer is a bit… longer.

A website/SEO (search engine optimization) audit is the best way to get a feel of the pitfalls of your digital advertising efforts. If your website isn’t built to convert new patients or isn’t structurally sound enough to even begin attracting browsers, you are letting a gigantic opportunity slip through your hands. The power of an effective web presence has been stated time and time again on this site any many others. I’ll spare you the lecture.

A website audit checks for these issues:

Design. Is it up to date? Is it easy to navigate? These are the easiest features to check as they are the most obvious. Other design areas to check are branding, tone of voice, imagery used throughout the site, and formatting.
Calls-to-action. Once patients make their way to your website, can they quickly and easily contact you/make an appointment? What about from their mobile device?
Coding. Are your headers and subheaders properly used? Ensure you limit H1 headers to one per page.
Canonical URL’s, Sitemp.xml Files, HTML5, and Schema. These items help search engines find your website and properly index/understand what your content is about. You’ll read more of this on Part 2 of this series when we dive deeper into SEO.
Readability. Is your content easy enough to read? We understand that dental procedures can be technical, but over doing it can cause readers to look elsewhere for this information.
Content. Is your content interesting enough to keep a reader’s attention? Is it updated consistently? Some patients want to do their research before selecting you as their next dental home.
Forms. Do you have contact and/or appointment request forms? Do the fields provide you with enough information to get that patient in the chair?
Social Media. Today, most small businesses have social media channels that they update consistently. This engages the community and provides traffic to your website. Dental practices aren’t an exception. Make sure your Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ pages are linked on your website.
Mobile. One of the biggest reasons for website designs are the fact that their current website isn’t mobile-friendly. Besides the obvious reasons of providing your patients a better user experience on your website, it now carries significant weight in the SEO world.

While there are hundreds of things to check on your website to see if it’s working as well as it could possibly work, these 9 should be at the top of the list.

If you are looking to get an expert’s take, don’t hesitate to reach out to VivioSites. One of our website experts will give you an in-depth review of your current website and the steps you should make to improve it. The best part is it’s free! Give us a call today at 800-227-2513 or fill out our contact form.

Also, stay tuned for our next post which will address how to perform your own search SEO audit! Edit: Audit Your Web Presence Part 2: SEO is now up!