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7 Features the Best Dental Websites Have in Common

If you were a dentist starting his or her practice in the 1960s, the tools to a successful practice were few. That’s because there were far fewer dentists around.

You could even move to an area where you were literally the only dentist available. Then all you’d need was an ad in the Yellow Pages to let everyone know where to find you.

Those days are over. There are currently 198,517 dentists practicing in the US. That’s 61 dentists for every 100,000 people. Competition is higher.

Which means you not only need a website but a great one. Here are seven features the best dental websites have in common.

1. The Best Dental Websites Have A Great Design

A great website design for dentists is one that is easy for their patients to navigate. If your patients can’t figure out how to easily find information, they will grow frustrated and find another dentist.

Top dental websites include a page where patients can book appointments, meet the staff, and learn about the various types of services you offer. It’s also free from clutter and looks professional.

2. Testimonials From Patients

People trust other people’s opinions. Top dental websites realize that theirs is an industry where trust is necessary for anyone to do business with them.

Which is why testimonials are so important. They’re also easy to gather. Create a page on your website where patients can easily leave written and video testimonials.

3. Optimized For SEO

A dental website design should contain keywords and language designed to help search engines and potential patients easily find them.

Optimizing for SEO is a must. Find the top keywords your patients are using to locate your business.

Claim your Google listing. Start a blog to help increase your SEO. Get on social media.

4. Professional Photos

Pay a professional to take photographs of the entire staff to put them on your website. Your patients want to know more about you and your staff.

Unprofessional photos make you look unprofessional. You’ll find all modern websites contain great photography but don’t forget to name your images to improve your SEO rankings.

5. Fresh Content

Dental website content is important. What content you share will make the difference between a successful practice and one where few patients come through your door.

Create a blog and write about what services you offer. Share tips about how to care for your teeth and gums.

Creating fresh content will also improve your SEO rankings. Search engines love new content. And it will also keep your dental practice at the forefront of your patients minds by connecting with them by sharing your content.

6. Modern Dental Websites Are Responsive

Modern dental websites know that it’s not enough to make sure you’re mobile-friendly. People are using their smartphones and iPads do make online searches.

A responsive website means no matter what device is used to do a search, your site is sure to always look amazing and be easy to navigate.

7. Top Dental Websites Use Videos

Videos are extremely popular and will only increase in popularity. You can use them in your blog as content. You can post them on YouTube and other social media sites.

Don’t forget to optimize your videos to improve your SEO rankings.

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The best dental websites are always growing and changing. That means you must learn the latest and greatest marketing techniques in order to keep up with your competition.

We can help. We’re always adding fresh, compelling content to our blog. Keep coming back to learn our latest tips.