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Stay up to date on the latest VivioSites and dental marketing news with weekly posts from our blog on dental website design, search engine optimization, social media, online reviews, and more. Interested in our website design and SEO services? Contact us here or call 800.227.2513.

December 1st, 2017

Is Your Site Voice-Search Friendly?

Voice-Search Friendly Dental Website Design Voice technology is now the new advisor for doctor recommendations. The act of sitting at a desk and “Googling” dental problems has now evolved to voice recognition technology, on your phone, Google Assistant, Alexa, Bixby, Cortana and more. This easy-to-use feature is evolving to become extremely accurate, making accessing information […]

November 28th, 2017

How to Shoot Video Testimonials in Your Office

You don’t have to be a film auteur to shoot effective and well-done testimonial videos in your office. With the advanced technology that everyone has access to, recording a testimonial is easier than ever. Find a Patient Your office must have some outgoing, happy patients that have been coming to you for years, right? Approach […]

November 28th, 2017

How to Get Patients in Before the New Year

At the end of the year, it may be hard to get those patients that have been putting off the dentist, not to mention the impending holidays and other obligations that life throws at patients. But marketing yourself to target those patients before their insurance wraps up for the year can be the perfect holiday […]

October 25th, 2017

Provide Your Patients with an Exceptional Experience – OperaDDS

If your practice is yearning to increase productivity and provide some of the most technologically advanced services in the industry, OperaDDS is the perfect place to start. This communication system is for successful dentists who are looking to improve communication within the office, with patients and grow their practice! This efficient and comprehensive communication system […]

October 18th, 2017

Virtual ToothFairy Ball & Online Auction

Here at VivioSites, we believe great dentists and great dentistry are imperative for quality healthcare.  That’s why we’re committed to helping the best dentists connect with the patients who need them- quickly and easily. Additionally, we are committed to expanding access to great dental care to everyone who needs it. Through our portfolio of digital […]

October 12th, 2017

ADA Website Compliance

“ADA Compliant” is a phrase that has been buzzing around the online world. Many of our clients and dental practices nationwide have heard about it and have contacted us. What does it mean for your practice? Are there legal issues if the rules are not met? Here, we will provide some general information about taking […]

October 4th, 2017

SSL Certificates for All Website Customers

Dear VivioSites Website customers, SSL certificates are coming to all our Viviosites websites to ensure that they are compliant with recent Google changes. This means that your website will be secure and have the https protocol, allowing secure connections from a webserver to a browser. If your site is hosted with us, you will be […]

August 15th, 2017

What happens when a great dentist receives a negative review online?

Here at VivioSites, we are committed to helping dentists portray themselves accurately online. But what happens when a great dentist receives a negative or inaccurate review online? Many dentists shy away from claiming their review sites as they feel they are opening themselves up to negative reviews. The reality is, patients can review your practice […]

July 26th, 2017

5 Ways to Market Yourself as a Great Dentist

Here at VivioSites, we believe great dentists and great dentistry are imperative for quality healthcare. That’s why we’re committed to helping the best dentists connect with the patients who need them- quickly and easily. Even though we are experts at helping great dentists find and attract new patients, self-promotion always helps! Here are 5 ways […]

July 26th, 2017

Beginner’s Guide to Dental Digital Marketing

People are spending more time online now than ever before, which means your online marketing efforts are becoming more and more important. The term digital marketing encompasses a variety of activities including search engine optimization, social media, and websites to connect with current and potential patients. What Is Digital Marketing? Given the rapid evolution of […]

June 27th, 2017

Using Social Media to Market Your Dental Practice

Social media is not always the first thing that a dentist thinks of when they want to promote their practice, but it can be an effective platform to reach the public. A wise dentist knows that by using social media he or she can answer consumer’s questions, share relevant material, provide links to the business, […]

June 27th, 2017
Dental Website Content

Current Blogs on Your Website Is Key

No matter what kind of website you have, and that includes those within a dental field, having blogs on your site can help bring in new patients, even if the patient never read the posts! You will often find that although many dental websites have contact information, policies and a list of the employees that […]

June 26th, 2017

How to Get Your Practice More Visibility on Social Media

Social Media for Dentists One of the biggest frustrations for people with social media (especially for businesses) is getting their content out to people. Regardless of how good or original your content is on social media, it makes no difference unless your target audience gets the message. And with an ever-increasing number of businesses and […]

June 19th, 2017

3 Ways to Make Your Practice’s Content Better

Marketing is a constant struggle for the consumer’s attention. There is so much content out there that it is impossible for one person to see all of it. Therefore, it is important to produce the highest quality content so that not only will people want to see and interact with the content you produce, but […]

June 14th, 2017

How Blogging Can Help Your Dental Practice

Blogging for Dentists Blogging is an important part of business development and, when used correctly, can really make a business stand apart from its competition.  If your practice writes insightful and coherent articles that engage and draw in potential clients, you can grow your practice with ease. Blogging not only creates new content that can […]

June 9th, 2017

4 Dental Marketing Mistakes You Need to Stop Making

In an age where digital marketing is expanding rapidly, businesses that are slow to adapt can find themselves having a hard time growing the way they should. When searching for businesses in their local area, over 90% of consumer use search engines. This statistic also includes people looking for new dentists. When deciding on a […]

April 16th, 2017

8 Key Takeaways for Dentists from Google’s MicroMoments eBook

Google recently compiled and published a wealth of data in their new e-book, “Micro-Moments: Your Guide to Winning the Shift to Mobile.” In this e-book, they provided 28 pages full of statistics, tips, and case studies on mobile search that is aimed at helping both large and small businesses understand the importance of going mobile. Here […]

March 27th, 2017

Mobile Sites Rule in 2017!

It may be hard to believe, but we’re already a quarter of the way through 2017. At VivioSites, we’ve been watching marketing trends so we can report back to you, the dental practice owner, on how to keep your office one step ahead of the competition. So far, there has been one major marketing trend […]