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Finding a dentist that does it all can be difficult—you want to make sure that your smile is going to be in good hands and that your dentist cares for you and your dental care, even after your appointment. Professionalism is the key and Dr. Vivek Vij proudly demonstrates his skill, experiences and education to his patients at his practice, Burke Parkway Dental. Located in the heart of Burke, Virginia, Dr. Vij is consistently determined to give each and every patient the healthiest and happiest smile possible.

In 2007, Dr. Vij graduated with his Bachelor of Dental Surgery from India. In order to further his education, he traveled to New York in order to attend the New York University College of Dentistry. There, he received his Doctors of Dental Surgery along with honors in Oral Medicine and Pathology. This sets Dr. Vij apart from the rest—having improved his education, he is able to provide patients more options without having to find several doctors to take care of their smile.

His attendance to two different dental schools, research, participation in numerous organizations, externships and research, Dr. Vij has a strong clinical foundation in the dentistry field and strives to utilize this to benefit all of his patients, new and old. He has a range of experience in multiple services, procedures, and surgeries that has saved countless smiles during his years of practice.

Dr. Vij joined with us here at VivioSites in late 2015 so he could continue to share his experience and knowledge with patients by improving his online web presence. When he began, his ranked positions were in a tough spot, but we’ve been able to severely improve his viewership with our dental search engine optimization. We happily work together every week with the help of Dr. Vij and his dental office to achieve success for both his practice and his patients!

Check out Burke Parkway Dental online to learn more about your Burke VA dentist, Dr. Vij, or call his office at (703) 459-9495!