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Have You Called Your Office Recently?

Recently, I spoke with a dentist who had been using our search engine optimization services for a few months with impressive results. We had achieved first page rankings in his competitive market for several high value search terms in a short amount of time. I was surprised to receive an email requesting a phone meeting to discuss his “poor results.”

Poor results? I was confused! We had gotten him onto the first page of Google for dental implant searches, Invisalign searches and even the coveted “DENTIST” search. I immediately gave his office a call, but was unable to get through to a live person. I called multiple times, still being met with a voicemail, which was strange because I knew the office was open. Finally, later that afternoon I reached a live person only to be, curtly, placed on hold.

When I finally reached the doctor, it turned out he had been getting plenty of online appointment requests but when looking at his new patients for the month hadn’t received any phone call appointment requests.

After a few minutes of conversation, and a few incognito phone calls to the office himself, it turned out the phones were ringing – they just hadn’t been answered. I am happy to say the client did some additional training with his front office staff and is now much happier with the volume of phone calls received to his office but am sure this is an issue other great dentists are facing.

Answer the Phone

Have you called your office recently? If you have been putting some extra time and effort into your marketing, whether online or offline, but aren’t receiving the expected results you may consider giving your office a call from a blocked phone number.

Check the Following:

  • Are the phones being answered in a timely manner?
  • Are patients greeted by a helpful, friendly voice?
  • Are your staff members representing your office the way you would?
  • If a patient must leave a message, are clear expectations set in your voicemail greeting about when they should expect a call back?

Odds are if a patient cannot reach your office, or is treated poorly when they do, they will pick up their phone and move on to the next dentist in town, so it is important to know if your phones are being answered properly!