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March 22nd, 2019

Top 5 Reasons Most Dentists Fail at SEO

Ranking high in a Google search can be life-changing for your practice. In today’s competitive landscape, a high-quality online presence and optimization of your content is everything. This is where SEO comes in: Search Engine Optimization is the science behind the ranking of the most relevant businesses in a search engine query. The dental industry […]

March 19th, 2019

Tips for Creating the Best Dental Website in 2019

Is it Time for a New Dental Practice Website? While it’s true that some medical practices and dental offices are still “on paper”, the gap is between those with a digital presence and those without is huge. Typically, when searching for a new dentist, orthodontist, periodontist, or the like, most people nowadays are heading straight […]

January 15th, 2019

Seen on Every Screen: 5 Reasons Your Dentist Office Needs a Responsive Web Design Layout

Responsive web design is more important than ever, no matter what kind of field you’re in. However, if you work in the dental industry, you definitely need to make your website responsive. This is a field where personality and introductions count for a lot. Creating a responsive website allows for a stellar first impression. When you […]

January 15th, 2019

Hey Neighbor: 5 Local SEO Strategies to Draw In Local Patients

Tens of thousands of students graduate from dental school every year. Add that number to the hundreds of thousands of dentists that are already working in America and dental practitioners start to see an issue… Competition is on a steep rise. While the dental profession is notorious for its stability, the industry’s projected growth over […]

October 3rd, 2018

[INFOGRAPHIC] SEO for Blogs: 5 Easy Tips for Writing a Dental Blog that Ranks

Connecting a blog to your dental website will benefit your online presence in a number of ways. A blog can help improve conversion rates, establish your authority in the dental industry, and increase your search engine rankings However, in order for your blog to rank well, you need to incorporate search engine optimization tactics. If […]

June 18th, 2018

5 Ways Dental Blogs Can Help You Grow Your Practice

Blogging is an important part of running a successful business. Blog posts improve your business’ search visibility. And increases your credibility as a business. Your dental blog is a key component to your practice’s marketing campaign. Dental blogs provide important information that increases patient retention. It also helps to attract new patients to your practice. […]

February 26th, 2018

How Social Media Boosts Your SEO

Social media is another puzzle piece to elevate your search engine optimization and promote your website. Most dental practices know that having social media pages are important, but how does it actually impact your website? Here we discuss the importance of social media for your practice. Raises Practice Awareness Posting informational articles, mentioning or networking […]

February 6th, 2018

How to Write Compelling Medical Niche or Specialist Content

Did you know that almost 60 percent of adults look for health information online? This statistic shows that there is an existing demand for the kind of niche content you could create thanks to your expertise as a healthcare provider. But how can you develop compelling content that will keep your patients interested? Writing about niche topics […]

December 1st, 2017

Is Your Site Voice-Search Friendly?

Voice-Search Friendly Dental Website Design Voice technology is now the new advisor for doctor recommendations. The act of sitting at a desk and “Googling” dental problems has now evolved to voice recognition technology, on your phone, Google Assistant, Alexa, Bixby, Cortana and more. This easy-to-use feature is evolving to become extremely accurate, making accessing information […]

October 20th, 2017

Online Strategies That Help Maintain Patients

It is important for dental practices to become strategic about how their website looks and functions. At Viviosites, we work to design visually appealing sites that are informative and up-to-date on the latest advancements in Search Engine Optimization. A website is now the first line of defense to convince patients to stay or join your […]

August 1st, 2017

Maintaining a Positive Online Presence

Great Dentists Need Great Online Reputations Social media is a powerful tool. It can literally make or break a business and is a lucrative part of maintaining a successful business well into the future. Oftentimes, it is easy to forget how our online actions can translate into our businesses. Here are some tips to manage […]

July 26th, 2017

Beginner’s Guide to Dental Digital Marketing

People are spending more time online now than ever before, which means your online marketing efforts are becoming more and more important. The term digital marketing encompasses a variety of activities including search engine optimization, social media, and websites to connect with current and potential patients. What Is Digital Marketing? Given the rapid evolution of […]

July 11th, 2017

Getting Started with SEO

Trying to increase visibility for your practice online can be tricky. Most dentists don’t even know where to start given the complexity of Search Engine Optimization and all the different aspects that go into optimizing a practice’s website. Here are some ideas for getting started with SEO. Keywords Deciding what keywords your business needs to […]

June 26th, 2017

How to Get Your Practice More Visibility on Social Media

Social Media for Dentists One of the biggest frustrations for people with social media (especially for businesses) is getting their content out to people. Regardless of how good or original your content is on social media, it makes no difference unless your target audience gets the message. And with an ever-increasing number of businesses and […]

April 16th, 2017

8 Key Takeaways for Dentists from Google’s MicroMoments eBook

Google recently compiled and published a wealth of data in their new e-book, “Micro-Moments: Your Guide to Winning the Shift to Mobile.” In this e-book, they provided 28 pages full of statistics, tips, and case studies on mobile search that is aimed at helping both large and small businesses understand the importance of going mobile. Here […]

November 29th, 2016

5 Ways to Improve Your Dental Search Engine Optimization

Improving Dental Search Engine Optimization Let’s face it, in 2016 almost anyone can put a dental website online in a matter of days. What sets a ‘do it yourself’ website apart from a professionally built website, besides great data on patient conversion, is the dental search engine optimization built into your dental website. As competition […]

November 17th, 2016

The Great Divide: Google Announces Split Between Mobile & Desktop Search

Mobile Friendly Web Design Last month, Google announced that “within months” they will be splitting their search index between mobile search and desktop search. This change comes as no surprise as now more than ever users are reaching for their smart phones when conducting a search and expecting to be met with a mobile friendly […]

June 20th, 2016

Increasing Revenue with Better SEO

Increasing business revenue is tricky. There is no magic formula that will guarantee that it will happen. All people can do is try to employ certain strategies that will make it more probable that they will increase their business revenue, and search engine optimization (SEO) is one of them. When people conduct Internet searches, they […]

June 13th, 2016
Dental Marketing

Make It Easy For Dental Patients to Find You Online

With  numerous technological advancements in recent years, it is now imperative that  a dental practice have an online presence to attract potential patients. Every day individuals use the Internet as a means for finding services, valuable information, and reviews. With effective marketing, your dental practice can attract new patients from search engine searches. Beating the […]