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Client Spotlight: Dr. Kelly Lucas – Alaska Dentist

Spotlight on Dr. Kelly Lucas, Wasilla AK Dentist

When most people first think about Alaska, they probably don’t think about dentistry. Sure, the Iditarod, snow, the wildlife, freezing cold temperatures, skiing and- well- snow will come to mind, but the people in Wasilla, the sixth largest city in Alaska, they are the ones who have to think about their oral health. That is why, for over 25 years, Dr. Kelly Lucas of Dental Innovations has been treating patients in Wasilla Alaska and the surrounding communities.

Dr. Lucas has substantial experience in a quite varied dental background. He has served as a Public Health Service Officer, as the State of Alaska Dental Surgeon General with the Alaska Army National Guard and has run private practices in both rural and urban settings. Dr. Lucas has always aimed to deliver a wide range of treatments and services to his patients, leaving their smiles as white as snow and grins as wide as the Alaskan frontier.

In order to help enhance his online presence, Dr. Lucas came to VivioSites in October of 2014 seeking dental website design, social media and search engine optimization services. With the help of VivioSites, and Dr. Lucas’ stellar reputation, the doctor’s website www.dentalinak.com now inhabits page 1 of search engine results for a wide variety of dental related keywords- such as Wasilla AK dentures, dental implants, cosmetic dentist and many more.

Just like much of Alaska can be considered- the internet too is a “wild” place. No matter how big or small your town, there will always be competition in the surrounding areas or on the horizon that you can get ahead of by utilizing the top dental SEO and social media tactics and techniques.

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