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Client Spotlight: Grand Oaks Dentistry

Grand Oaks Dentistry

Even with a motto and mentality like “Keep Austin Weird,” it is safe to say that most patients from Austin TX would not prefer that saying represent their oral health. So, in order to keep their teeth very “un-weird,” patients have been visiting Austin’s own Grand Oaks Dentistry, led by Dr. Dimple Sharma, for years now.

Austin Dentist

Dr. Dimple Sharma

Dr. Sharma, a graduate of New York University’s School of Dentistry, is known for putting patients’ needs first and helping everyone- no matter their circumstance- achieve a fantastic smile for an affordable rate by utilizing the latest and greatest dental technology and techniques.

Even with a stunning reputation like the one that Dr. Sharma has garnered, battling against the wave of 1.1 million Google results for “Dentist in Austin TX” is not easy to go at alone. This is why in the spring of 2015 Dr. Sharma brought Grand Oaks Dentistry to VivioSites for assistance in not only her search engine presence but also for help with a modern dental website design and social media too.

In just a year’s time, Grand Oaks Dentistry has risen in the SERP rankings for several local keywords and phrases and has even managed to gain attention in surrounding towns to Austin- such as Buda and Kyle TX. While there is still room to grow, Dr. Sharma relies on the expert team at VivioSites to help keep Grand Oaks Dentistry ahead of the curve with all the changes in dental search engine optimization and social media as they arise.

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