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Create the Ideal Waiting Room Using This 2018 Trend

The waiting room may be the last thing on your mind, but it is a vital part of every dental practice. Now more than ever, patients have countless local dental practices at their disposal, so it is important to stay ahead of the competition. Making sure that your waiting room and staff make a great first impression is crucial.

Wait times can have detrimental effects on your practice, but when waiting is inevitable, a beautiful waiting area can reduce any potential issues. The art of cultivating the ideal space for a waiting room can set the tone for a patient, swaying them from apprehensive to relaxed. By incorporating one of 2018’s latest décor trends, you are guaranteed to have a beautiful and comfortable waiting area. The term Hygge is Danish for creating an atmosphere of joy, coziness and overall wellness – great aspects to incorporate into a dental office! What does Hygge entail? Below, we have some tips to add Hygge accents to your waiting room.

Light it up – Abrasive fluorescent lights are never fun to wait in. Add soft lighting with standing lamps or side table lights to soothe the usual light fixtures that may be in your building.

Tea time – Offer refreshments and snacks. Set up tea, coffee or a pitcher of water with fresh cut lemons or cucumbers to set-up next to some small tooth-friendly snacks. Make sure to use neutral toned reusable cups and plates. This not only looks elegant but cuts down on costs and your carbon footprint. Patients will be thinking they are in spa or salon, versus a traditional waiting room.

Keep it natural – Incorporating natural accents such as wood make a waiting room look both home-y and stylish. Think stone, wood (i.e. teak, oak, maple) and other elements found in nature. This can be done in small or large ways within an office space with lighting fixtures, accent walls and furniture.

Incorporate texture – Adding texture to your waiting room can have fantastic effects! Incorporate some interesting pillows, a modern acrylic or mixed media painting to the walls, or a fabric on a chair that is visually stimulating can create intrigue in a normally bland area.

Get a green thumb – Plants not only look beautiful in an office, but help increase oxygen levels of the room, meaning calmer patients. Plants in homes have been proven to reduce stress, boost serotonin, reduce dust levels and more. They are an affordable way to spruce up an office. A rubber tree, bamboo shoots, spider plants or ivy plants can go a long way and are easy to care for!

Tillykke til dit kontor! By incorporating these happy Hygge tips, your patients are sure to feel more relaxed and content before and after an appointment.  Viviosites is focused on telling your story and providing patients with the best experience possible. Call us today for more information.