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Current Blogs on Your Website Is Key

No matter what kind of website you have, and that includes those within a dental field, having blogs on your site can help bring in new patients, even if the patient never read the posts!

You will often find that although many dental websites have contact information, policies and a list of the employees that work there, not all of them have blogs; a simple way to provide more information to potential clients and improve your Google rankings.

How Do You Begin “Blogging”

There are a couple ways to begin adding blogs to your website. The first is to provide details of your practice from you and your staff’s personal dental experiences. By doing this, a potential patient can get a better understanding for how you run your practice and develop a connection through your website. He or she will feel more comfortable and become more inclined to come in for a checkup or a procedure.

A second way is to hire a professional to write content-rich blogs for you. This will allow you and your staff to focus on taking care of your patients, while the writer curates creative content that will help your website’s presentation and performance.

 What Kinds of Topics?

There are a variety of topics that can be written to include on your website, such as:

  • New innovate research and equipment that is being used in your practice.
  • Dental health tips involving foods, beverages or oral hygiene products.
  • Issues that patients might face and want to know more about before they decide to visit the dental office.
  • Dental procedures that are offered and what a patient can expect from them.

Keep in mind to have the blogs engage the reader by offering the patient solutions to their problems. All topics should be modern and relevant to your current practice.


Help from Other Platforms

Putting your information on your website is great start, but if you want to increase more traffic and more conversion of patients, then you will want to include other social media platforms.

Make sure that your website is connected on Facebook and that all of your employees have established profiles on LinkedIn. You will also want to consider linking your site with Twitter to give your followers some instant information.

You might want to also add local geographical markers to your blogs, that way when people are searching for a dentist within your region you will receive higher listings on the local search engine results page.

Maintaining Content that Converts

If your last blog was posted ten months ago, you are going to appear out-of-date to the public and people are not going to want to stay long on your site. Although this may seem like a lot of work, research shows that websites that maintain steady, current content, such as blogs and website updates, will have a higher conversion rate compared to other sites that are not expanding or updating their content.

Don’t be one of the dental sites that loses out to new patients and has regular clients taken away from a more current site that provides insight and information. Give your website a thorough look over and keep it fresh with some informative blogs.