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Dental Marketing: Understand Your Advertising

The best way to reach potential patients in your community is through online visibility. Through the practice of Search Engine Optimization, you can connect your services with patients in need. For example, if you are a dentist in Plano, you would need to have content on your website that was optimized to come up in a search inquiry.

Targeted Advertising

You want your ads to reach people located near your area. It is important to have content on your website that would specifically target potential patients in your area. It is also essential that your content is of high-quality and can provide readers with the information they require. This will likely lead to them to call and schedule an appointment.

Behavioral Targeting

A user’s actions can give clues for what types of services they may be searching for. Behavior-based advertising utilizes these clues to help suggest potential solutions to the search inquiry. If someone in the Plano area were searching “root canal” This behavior might be a clue that the person requires a dentist in Plano. Choosing to advertise based on user behavior can open you up to a pool of new patients.

Behavioral targeting can also be used to monitor your competitor’s patients. By using this method of advertising, you can pinpoint what types of people may require a new dentist. For example, a family that is new to the area may require a new family dentist. People entering search inquiries related to moving to your area may be new members of your community. Using this information gives you the opportunity to introduce yourself through new-patient discounts or other incentives.


Radius-Based Targeting

This type of advertising strategy utilizes the location of the user to connect them with your practice. If someone is within a certain radius of your practice, they can receive an advertisement straight to their phone. This gives you the advantage of marketing in real-time and allows patients to find you with little effort.

Adding local optimization can make a real difference in the number of patients who will walk through your doors. Simply including phrases like “dentist near me” can improve the visibility of your site as well as how many people choose to call your office for further information. Increasing your visibility will help people discover your practice both in your area and in the surrounding areas.


Mobile advertising

Running ads on Google tends to be more successful when they are catered towards mobile devices. This practice allows you to take advantage of a patient’s location due to the GPS function of cell phones. You can optimize your advertising strategy to specifically reach people searching for your services in a certain area; this process is called geo-targeting. This can be a benefit for your practice as well as for patients in need. Mobile ads can include location-based banners or prompts, text alerts, banner ads, and videos that are sized to fit a mobile screen.

Click-to-call advertising can be an essential part of your marketing strategy and have a high return on investment. This type of marketing can allow patients to contact your practice in real-time with a simple click. User-friendly advertising like this helps the appointment-making process run smoothly.

There are two types of click-to-call advertisements: call-only and call extensions. A call-only ad will allow patients to simply call your practice by clicking your ad on their phone. This type of ad is only available for mobile devices. The other type of click-to-call advertisement is an extension of a normal advertisement. This can appear both on mobile devices and computers. These marketing tools can be an easy way to reach patients and help them contact your office. If scheduling an appointment is too confusing, you are at risk of losing that potential patient to another practice. Streamline this process by giving patients easy access to your services.

Email Marketing

Email marketing can be effective in retaining current patients. Often times an annual appointment might slip your patient’s mind, or they may forget to schedule a follow-up. Contacting patients via email can help the process of making an appointment simple and more efficient. This also enables you to send bills and personalized reminder emails directly to your patient. Email communication also gives patients the flexibility to respond at their convenience and makes the communication seem like less of an irritant and more like a gentle reminder.

Email services can be used for:

  • New staff member announcements
  • Latest dental news
  • Friend referrals
  • Appointment reminders
  • Invitations to write a review
  • New technology in your office
  • Reminders to schedule an annual appointment


Provide Patient Reviews

Reviews can be used to market your practice as a trusted source for quality dental care in your area. Providing new patients with authentic reviews legitimizes your business and makes you more approachable to people who may be unfamiliar with your practice. A new client who may be on the fence about making an appointment could be swayed by positive reviews left on your site. Be sure to advertise your reviews and respond to them authentically. This will show that you care about your patients beyond the basic demands of the job. Not only does it verify you as an expert in your field, but it also shows that you care about your patients after they leave your office.

Small businesses should focus their budgets on effective advertising strategies that will provide the most return on investment. Utilize these marketing techniques to maximize your online visibility and to improve your bottom line. An effective marketing strategy can help you acquire more patients, boost revenue, and increase overall patient satisfaction.