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Search Engine Optimization for Dentists

Your New Patient Magnet

Why do you need effective dental search engine optimization (SEO)?
Your current patients will likely search for your practice name (i.e. “Bob’s Dental”) on the Internet, and consequently, your listing shows up on their search results.

Prospective patients, however, tend to search on the Internet by topic and city (i.e. “Baltimore Dentist”). If your website design is poorly optimized for relevant keywords and phrases, your dental practice won’t show up, making it virtually invisible from local searches.

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Dental Search Engine Optimization

Hear how Important an Effective SEO Strategy is for Attracting New Patients

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Dental SEO

Attract More New Patients by Reaching the First Page of Search Engines

Where does your practice rank in a search engine? If you aren’t on the first page of a search query, you’re missing out on 94% of the patients in your market. Don’t let your competition outshine you. Our team will help you develop an SEO plan for your practice that incorporates on-page and off-page optimizations, dynamic keyword strategies, and a fresh pipeline of unique content that Google loves and people want to read. Our goal is to have your practice rank higher while also creating a beautiful website that represents the spirit of your practice. We want to help the independent dentist attract more patients and grow their bottom line. Everything we do is with your best interest in mind, and we will work with you personally to help you achieve your professional goals. Whether you would like to see more patients for a specific service, or if you would like to advertise a unique procedure that only you provide, we want to market what makes your practice special.

You have the power. No contracts!

Unlike most SEO companies, we won’t charge you outrageous fees, tie you down with contracts, make impossible guarantees, or hide our work. Like every service we offer, we provide full reporting and unlimited, live customer service. VivioSites strives to make this entire process as transparent as possible. At the end of every month, we send you a detailed report containing keyword rankings and trends, the number of visits to your website, which keywords were used to access your website, where content has been submitted, and more. You can reach us and speak with a real person who is familiar with your practice. We treat our clients like you treat your patients—with individualized care and friendly service. Our team works with you on a first name basis to provide continuous care that you can rely on. The growth of your practice is our top priority, so we make sure to keep an open line of communication that will ensure your satisfaction with our services. We are passionate about transparent communication, so we will answer any questions you have about our services with complete honesty. Good SEO is a collaborative effort, so we aim to include you as much as possible.

Dental SEO Company

Get Found with VivioSites – Applicable to ANY dental website!

VivioSites’ advanced dentist search engine optimization program implements tried and true strategies to get clients from the depths of search engine rankings to the first page of a Google search in a timely manner. These techniques include:

  • Advanced SEO

    Constant tracking, reporting, and tweaking.

    SEO is an ever-changing process that evolves almost daily. Our experience in digital marketing has prepared us to grow with your practice. We make constant adjustments based on our monitoring of your advertising campaigns. Our team will research the best approach in order to highlight what makes your practice unique, and then we make constant changes based on your patients’ search behaviors. We understand that your patients are unique to your area, so we advertise your practice based on their needs. Don’t waste time on keywords that don’t work. We narrow down the most effective keywords that would best serve your area. Our goal is to improve your bottom line and connect you with more patients.

  • Social Media Management

    On-page optimizations.

    We are constantly editing your on-page information such as title tags, meta descriptions, and keyword mapping. SEO is a dynamic process with several varying components that need constant vigilance and adjustments. We pinpoint the most relevant keywords and meta descriptions to best portray the key values of your practice while also serving the patient. Every page on your site will have its own unique information to help boost your ranking for varying search queries. Every service you offer, every treatment you provide, and every specialist you employ will be highlighted based on our research to ensure that you are connecting with patients who need you.

  • Dynamic Keyword Strategies

    Dynamic keyword strategies & original content

    Our professional SEO writers will refresh your entire website, creating new content and using keywords to attract the patients and cases you want. We give your practice website a complete makeover, customizing it exactly to your liking. Our team will help you create a custom site that meets all your expectations. They will speak with you personally to understand the personality of your practice and guide you in designing your ideal website. Your site can have original content ranging from informational blogs to social media postings. Every service you provide will be explained in-depth so that your patients have all the information they need to take care of their dental health.

  • Off-Site Optimizations

    Off-site optimizations.

    We utilize offsite optimization by incorporating link building from respectable sources in the dental community. Linking to quality content tells Google that you are a reputable source for dental care and they will be more likely to recommend you to potential patients by ranking you higher. Our team works diligently to link out to quality content as well as having other sites link back to you. We work with reputable contacts to help increase your chances of ranking highly within your area.

  • Staying Ahead Of The Technology Curve

    Staying ahead of the technology curve.

    Google, Bing, and Yahoo! change their algorithms all the time, so it is vital that a business stays on top of software updates. Our team stays vigilant of any changes so that we can adjust accordingly. SEO needs to change with today’s technology in order to remain effective. Our marketing experts will update your information weekly just to make sure that you are getting the most value for your investment. We update your internal code and keywords to stay ahead of search engines in order for your practice to remain competitive. VivioSites is dedicated to keeping your practice relevant by providing you with continuous updates and the latest SEO services.

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