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Dental Marketing Mistakes New Dentists Make

In my time working for dental website design company, VivioSites, I’ve spoken with hundreds of dentists and dental students. While no two dentists are the same, there is a mistake I’ve seen new dentists (and new practice owners) make over and over again that is worth addressing: they put their marketing into place too late.

On average, a well-executed SEO campaign takes 6 months to be effective. In the case of a brand new practice, this timeline can be even longer as most new practices are using a brand new domain name (URL.) New domains have no history and no back-links, which makes it harder to increase their rankings quickly.

A dentist, or any small business owner, should purchase their domain name as soon as they have registered the business name. From there, they should work with a company of experts to get a website online and well optimized BEFORE they open their doors.

Some dentists may say this is too soon, but in reality – the absolute worst case scenario is that a practice has full operatories from day 1! As long as you have an opening date in mind, you can begin booking patients weeks – or months- in advance.

Not Just for New Dentists

Whether you have been practicing dentistry for 30 years or are opening a practice for the first time my advice would be the same: get your marketing in order as soon as you have an address.

In addition to the website and optimization, it is also important to consider your online listings. One of Google’s ranking factors is the consistency of your Name, Address, and Phone Number across the internet. You’ll want to also spend some time visiting the business listings of the major search engines and claiming your business.


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