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Dentist’s Guide to Local Search

Demystifying Local Search

Today’s technology has opened doors for  dental marketing— providing more opportunities to ‘be seen’ then ever before.

Chances are that if a prospective patient calls you, they’ve already gotten information about your office using local search engine optimization (SEO) information. But how do you go about utilizing this highly effective tool to target your local clientele?

Google My Business

Google My Business is the dashboard offered by Google to update and maintain your map listings. Google My Business “gets you in front of your customers.” 

Since Google is  the most popular search engine in the world, this is an invaluable tool for you to update and curate the information patients provided to patients regarding your practice and services.

It’s very simple to set up your business for local SEO on Google, but it is important to complete the information thoroughly in order for your Google Business profiles to work for you. Don’t hesitate to add patient reviews, web site information, office photos and social links such as Facebook or Twitter. The more information you’ve added, the more your listing will stand out above others. While Google is key in offering local geographic information to your clients, knowing how to get organic rankings is just as important.

Google Local versus Organic Rankings

Google Local information, or the map listings,  is based primarily on your patient’s geographical location so your physical location and contact information should be kept current.

Organic rankings are based more on the content of website. Therefore, the content you post onto your website should be sound, credible information that answers your patient’s search queries. An example of organic SEO would be listing the specific types of services or care your office provides, such as oral surgery, dentures, in addition to the basic term dentistry. By using descriptive keywords for each, your office and/or company will be visible for each and every type of keyword you have entered.

Local and Organic—A Winning Combination

Local SEO is a great way for people to find you. They’ll get a basic feel of what you can offer them. Organic rankings will continue to inform them about your business as they search using certain keywords. When you use both of these SEO tools, you’re sure to bring more attention to your business easily.