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Dental Lab Website & Direct Mail

Direct Mail & Your Dental Lab Website: A Perfect Partnership

Using a Website to Increase the ROI of Your Direct Mail

Virtually every industry utilizes the Internet to get more business. However, dental laboratories have long been the exception. For decades, dental laboratories have relied on direct mail to increase their client base, but the reality is you can only squeeze so much information on a postcard. A dental lab website can work as an extension of your direct mail pieces, and maximize your ROI.

Showcase Your Work

A typical direct mail piece is only 3.5” x 5”, which is not a ton of room to show your potential clients the craftsmanship and attention to detail that your lab is known for. With a dental lab website, you have an infinite amount of space to showcase your work.

Direct Mail Tip: Use a shortlink on your direct mail pieces to guide users to your online showcase             


Rule of Three

Research suggests that the average consumer, in this case a dental practice, needs to be exposed to your brand at least 3 times before taking an action. A dental lab website, working in conjunction with your direct mail pieces, can act as one of these “touch points.”

Direct Mail Tip: Consider incorporating a re-marketing campaign with your direct mail and website to increase exposure aggressively. 



Even with the best direct mail piece on the planet, most Dentists will still go to their computers to do more research on your lab. Think about how you purchase most products, and your decision making journey – the chances are you visit several websites in the process.

In 2016, many dentists will expect your lab to have a website! If you don’t have an online presence, the dentist may move on to the next lab in your area.

Direct Mail Tip: Add your website URL to your direct mail pieces and invite them to “Learn More” about your services.     


Cut to the Chase

Many dental labs who have websites have reported that the time spent on the initial contact with a dentist has been lessened by the existence of their website. Several years ago a dentist would call and run down a checklist of items; these days the dentist has already visited their website and knows their location, services, turn around times and has a copy of their prescription forms. A dental lab website helps to make that first phone call much more meaningful, because the dentist is able to cut to the chase and place their order.



The return on a direct mail campaign is pretty easy to calculate, but the truth is the ROI on a website is not necessarily easy to calculate. That being said, if a dental lab website can increase the ROI on your direct mail pieces by just 10% it has got to be worth a try!

On average, a dental lab website costs less in a year then a single mailing to 5000 dentists, making it a no-brainer.


The fact is, 30% of dentists change or add another lab each year and direct mail alone is no longer enough. With dentists researching EVERYTHING online these days, dental laboratories that have a professional online presence are head and shoulders above their competition.

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