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Here’s How a Website got Blacklisted from Google

Rap Genius got banished to the dark side of the moon on Google search rankings for partaking in blackhat (illegal) techniques.

So what did they do to upset Google?

Rap Genius, a lyric website, relies completely on Google rankings to drive their business. When people search online for lyrics to the newest song, lyric websites compete to get the click and ultimately gain revenue.

What they decided to do was fix the system and get to the number one spot on Google through soliciting backlinks. Rap Genius advertised to get bloggers a ton of traffic by asking for hyperlinks from high-page rank sites (personal blogs) with anchor text that mentions tracks from Justin Beiber’s most recent album.

What happened was over 177,000 different webpages linked back to Rap Genius, enough to propel them into the coveted first Google ranking in a matter of weeks. Unfortunately for them, one of those blogs was run from a Google engineer.

When Google caught wind of this, they shut them down. On Christmas day, Rap Genius was sent from page 1 of Google to unsearchable. Google removed their website entirely from their results pages, effectively destroying their business. They lost 85% of their website traffic in less than one week.


What happened to Rap Genius?

They apologized and got in contact with Google. They know they did things the wrong way and pleaded with Google to reinstate them after they removed the 177,000 links they have solicited. Luckily for them, Google obliged. They removed the links and reinstated them.

How does this relate to your practice’s dentist website design?

We have already established that 90% of practices in the United States have a website for their dental practice. This leads to a ton of competition in thousands of towns and cities across the country. What separates one practice from the other online is their SEO (search engine optimization).

There are hundreds of SEO companies out there that claim to guarantee top Google rankings. The point is, they can’t. Google came out and directly said that guaranteeing rankings are impossible. That means that these SEO companies are using blackhat techniques to boost websites. As you just read, doing this can lead to your website being blacklisted by Google. It’s not worth it. Find a reliable company to handle your SEO needs that is fully transparent and does things by the book.

Well Rap Genius got back on Google, why can’t I?

Rap Genius is funded by one of the most powerful and well-connected venture capital firms in the Silicon Valley. With over $15 million invested, a popular opinion is they used their connections to get reinstated.

Most dentists that I’m aware of don’t have such advantages. Be careful who you hire for the job.

Check out the covered story here: http://jmarbach.com/rapgenius-growth-hack-exposed and http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/01/05/rap-genius_n_4545201.html