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How to Encourage More Patient Reviews

Communication with your patients is one of the most important parts of your professional relationship. When you have an open and honest conversation with patients about their dental needs and care, they’ll be proud to share with the world that you’re THE dentist to go to. When that time comes, we believe that patient reviews will help you establish a strong and reliable online presence and provide numerous benefits to your business.

One thing we do understand is that it can be tough to ask a patient for a review. It feels as though you’re bothering someone when you go to ask, which can even sway their feelings about their experience at your office. Below, we’ve listed some helpful and encouraging methods that your practice can utilize to get patients to leave reviews.

  1. Send an Email, but Make It Personal: Nothing turns off a patient more than a generic, auto-responded email. An introduction like “Dear Valued Patient” sends off warning signs that this notification was sent to hundreds of others and it doesn’t have the same personal and warming effect. Make a note of their name, a summary of their appointment, and the note that a thoughtful review would be grateful.
  2. Ask for a Review While Your Patient is Still in the Office: Sending feedback emails that is over a week old will only lessen your chances of getting that review. Make sure the appointment is fresh in the patient’s mind when you mention the review, so they’ll know exactly what they want to say.
  3. Don’t Ask Just Everyone – Target a Small, Familiar Number of Patients: If you ask every patient who comes through your door to leave you a review, you could very well get one – but it may not say something nice! Write down a small list of patients that you’ll be seeing throughout the day and ask if they have a moment to write about their time with your practice.
  4. Be Specific! When you prompt a patient to leave a review, give them a little bit of a push to help guide their way with a question regarding your business. What did your hygienist do to make their cleaning efficient? How was your office manager when the patient checked in and out? Their response will be more genuine and well thought out.