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How the Diversification of Your Dental Practice Can Help Expand Your Digital Reach

Expand Your Digital Reach with these 4 Tips

Dental practices across America are rebranding themselves as Dental Spas, not only offering standard dental procedures, but also massage, facials, aromatherapy, and the relaxing ambiance of a traditional day spa. This practice of rebranding and diversifying a practice can allow patients to let go of some of their anxieties and makes the dentist a place that people can actually look forward to going to. It also allows you to expand the reach of your marketing efforts in ways that will allow you to build a thriving practice.

Attract New Patients with New Services

Diversifying the dental practice by offering other treatments such as facial fillers or massages, may seem controversial to some traditionalists in the industry; but, in reality, these are simply innovative solutions that dentists are using to rebrand themselves and attract new patients. These efforts make sure that Americans are not neglecting their teeth, and help people to view dentistry as an important part of their lives.

Produce Content That Provides Value for Your Clients

As the market for the dental industry diversifies to expand towards a wider reach, more potential patients are searching for a value-based approach in the content they are consuming. This type of content is focused on your patient instead of your dental business. Diversifying your practice to include patient-focused, inclusive services can also translate into a marketing message that also provides patient-focused and valuable information that they want and need.

Make it Easy For Patients to Interact With You Online

90% of potential patients use online search engines to help them choose the perfect dentist, which means you’ll definitely want to focus on ensuring that your diversified list of patient services is SEO-optimized on your website. First, try self-auditing your website to see how it’s currently performing. The goal is to narrow down data based on your client reach and perform extensive keyword research to ensure you’re ranking high for the terms that people are searching for.

A Changing Industry Leads to Changing Techniques

Whereas dentists used to have to rely on referrals and word-of-mouth, times have changed, and in order to succeed today, dentists must adapt by getting comfortable with digital marketing. As the industry begins to diversify in terms of technology and marketing techniques, the key to success will be to develop well-rounded digital marketing campaigns to attract and retain new dental patients.