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How to Get Your Practice More Visibility on Social Media

Social Media for Dentists

One of the biggest frustrations for people with social media (especially for businesses) is getting their content out to people. Regardless of how good or original your content is on social media, it makes no difference unless your target audience gets the message. And with an ever-increasing number of businesses and platforms competing for a consumer’s attention, it can be a real challenge to get noticed.

To make your practice’s social media presence felt, you should start by focusing on a few goals that will help guide your overall interaction with these platforms:

  • Improving Popularity

If you can tailor content on social media such that it gets more likes, it will stay in other users’ newsfeeds longer and thus increases the chance that they will see it and interact with your practice.

  • Increase Reach

If you only put out content to the same people over and over again, nobody new will ever see your content and hear about your practice. Try posting in places where your content can be seen by new people and circulated to new areas.

  • Maximize Your Audience

Getting your content out to new people increases the likelihood that new people will like and follow your accounts and content, which will allow more people to see it and so on.

How can you achieve these goals? Here are just a few ways:

  • Use of Imagery

In the modern social media landscape, posts with images get a lot more visibility, and therefore get more attention and likes. Try posting attention grabbing images that would stand out in a user’s newsfeed among all of their other content. Usually, images that are mainly one color or images with interesting visual features will attract more attention.

  • Diversity of Content

If all you ever post on your accounts is the same two or three pictures with the same taglines, you are not going to appeal to new patients who are deciding whether or not to interact with your accounts. Give patients something new every so often. Change up your posting schedule or perhaps try posting content you ordinarily would not post.

  • Use your Employees

If you have employees with social media accounts, use this to your advantage. Have them like and share your posts with their followers and you will increase your audience even more. It will also add ethos to your brand because you have the personal assurance of a real person with their own personal brand.

Try using these tips, and hopefully you will reach a whole new patient base and be able to interact on a more personal level with your existing patients.