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Getting Started with SEO

Trying to increase visibility for your practice online can be tricky. Most dentists don’t even know where to start given the complexity of Search Engine Optimization and all the different aspects that go into optimizing a practice’s website. Here are some ideas for getting started with SEO.


Deciding what keywords your business needs to optimize for is an essential part of the process. There are numerous tools that measure how much traffic each keyword brings to a given website. One such tool is Google AdWords. You can research and plan out what keywords your practice needs to use to become more relevant on Google.

Know what works:

It is important as well to know how you rank for certain relevant keywords compared to your competitors. Keep a running list of relevant keywords and how your practice ranks for them. If you rank poorly, see what other practices are doing to rank well on Google. You can use this as a roadmap for how you should plan your keywords.


Google Analytics

Google provides a wealth of resources to help with your website’s analytics. They offer beginner and advanced courses in using their products so you can measure user behaviors, popular pages, and many other things for free.


Another great tool Google offers is Google My Business. This allows you to rank well in local search results. However, it is very important that the information you provide be both correct, and the same as it appears in other places online. Otherwise, both Google and consumers become confused and have a hard time finding you. Read here to find out more about Google My Business and local Search Engine Optimization.

For more technical help, read more of the blogs posted here, or contact the SEO experts at VetNetwork to find out how you can use SEO to help your Google rankings.