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The Great Divide: Google Announces Split Between Mobile & Desktop Search

Mobile Friendly Web Design

Last month, Google announced that “within months” they will be splitting their search index between mobile search and desktop search. This change comes as no surprise as now more than ever users are reaching for their smart phones when conducting a search and expecting to be met with a mobile friendly web design.

While users with responsive dental websites or desktop-only sites won’t be impacted, sites with a stripped down mobile version (or no mobile version at all) will see a significant loss of user traffic.

Currently, a mobile search produces the same results as a desktop search; within the coming months that will change and Google will produce a unique set of results based on the device you use to search.

Many SEO experts are also hinting towards the mobile index being updated more frequently then the desktop index meaning you will have a chance to save yourself if you are demoted in the search rankings.

Why the change?

Many websites display a stripped down version of their websites for mobile users which ruins the user experience.
Google has long taken a “mobile first” stance but this change will prove to be the most hard-hitting for users that have resisted going mobile.

What Can You Do?

Dentists concerned about the change should take a few steps.

First, take out your smartphone and navigate to your website. Is it mobile friendly? If you aren’t sure, you can use Google’s mobile friendly test to find out here.
If your site passes the test, you still want to take a look at the site content. Do your mobile users get all of the same information desktop users do? Or is your mobile site a stripped down version of your main site? If your mobile site content matches the desktop site – you’re in great shape!
If the mobile version of your site is a stripped down version of your desktop site, you have some work to do! You’ll want to make sure the content and available options match the desktop experience.

If for some reason, you are unable to make that change – you will want to switch your dental website design to something that offers a mobile responsive site to prevent any negative impact from Google’s new changes.