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How Dentists Can Effectively Reach Out to a New Generation of Silver Surfers

A 2016 study showed that 59% of seniors reported that they went online and used the internet as of two years ago and that a total of 77% of these seniors had cell phones. Clearly, there is a big opportunity to reach this demographic through social media and digital marketing in order to turn them into potential patients. Pensioners can not only benefit from your practice, but you can benefit from them as well. By revamping and reorganizing the types of services you offer, you can tap into a large, underserved market with the potential to grow your dental practice.


Understand the Needs of Pensioners Regarding Dental Services

As pensioners require a special type of care and attention when it comes to dental care and treatment, it makes sense to market towards the types of services they need and desire. Ask yourself and patients of the age you’re trying to market towards what types of services they want. For example, many retirees are interested in cosmetic procedures as they are concerned with maintaining their appearances. Or, you can offer a type of care specifically suited towards retirement-aged patients. For example, according to the CDC, 23% of older Americans suffer from severe periodontal disease.

It is important to first arm yourself with the facts surrounding the type of daily care they should be engaging in to ensure you’re giving them adequate advice. Understand the types of medical advice they should following, such as watching their sugar intake, brushing with a soft-bristled brush and considering fluoride as part of their daily routine. This type of special care and attention will speak volumes for your practice.


How to Market These New Services

Now that you’ve got a handle on the types of services you should be offering in order to attract and retain retired patients, figure out the best way to offer them. This won’t be too hard, seeing as people 60 and older are the fastest growing group of computer and internet users. The first step in designing effective marketing towards tech-savvy silver surfers is identifying what to call them. Avoid terms like seniors or senior citizens and stick to terms that emit a more positive vibe.

You’ll want to combine highly-targeted direct mail marketing with social media directed at their age demographic and social habits to really engage retiring baby boomers in these new dental services.


Expanding Your Digital Reach

It’s clear that pensioners are using technology, and at a rapidly-growing rate. Times are changing and so should your dental practice and the way you market it. With a well planned out revamp of the services you offer and a digital marketing campaign that combines social media and with highly-targeted messaging, you’ll be able to tap into a vast group of new patients. The silver surfers are looking for you, now you just have to be ready to welcome them.