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How to Create Awesome Call-to-Actions on a Dental Website

Calls to action (CTAs) are there to lead potential customers who visit your website to the pages you ultimately want them to view and complete a task on. In your dental practice, this might be something like an appointment setting page.

While it may not seem like a big deal, an effective CTA can be the difference between your website experiencing a rise in its conversion rates or its bounce rates.

Additionally, a good CTA will fit nicely into the design of your website with the use of things like banners, buttons, and text. If you want to learn more about creating the perfect CTAs for your site, continue reading. We’ve got you covered!

What Makes CTAs Effective?

CTAs are short sentences or phrases that push a customer into doing something you want them to on a page. If you notice you are getting a lot of website traffic, but not many conversions, your CTAs might be a bit weak.

While there isn’t a one size fits all CTA that works for every business, there are some elements that make some more effective than others. Here are some examples:

The Categories of Words Used

There is a total of 7 types of words you should use in your CTAs. The categories are:

Exclusivity- Words that indicate that a product or service is only available to a limited number of people. “Only available to…” is a popular example.

Action- Action words tell customers exactly what you want them to do. They include phrases like “Download” or “Sign Up.”

Urgency- Creating a sense of urgency makes customers feel like they are running out of time to benefit from a deal. “ASAP” and Hurry” are very effective.

Personalization- When you use words like you, your, me, and my in your copy, it feels personal to the people reading. This can build a sense of comfortability that makes customers want to work with you.

Scarcity- Using words like “Limited Stock” on a website drive website visitors to quickly make a purchase because they don’t want to miss out.

Security- Money back guarantees or the ability to sign up for a subscription with “No Obligation” make customers feel secure when making purchases. This makes them more likely to positively react to your call to action.

Power Words- Power words are the words every potential customer wants to hear such as new free, latest, or save.

Design Elements of You Should Use

Now that you know which words make CTAs effective, you should know which design elements make them great.

Make the CTAs Bold

Make sure the CTAs don’t appear to be flat on the page. People are used to clickable buttons on sites having raised positioning.

Keep Them Short

CTAs should be short and grab readers’ attention quickly.

Refrain from Using a Passive Tone

A good CTA should explain the value of what’s being offered while including actionable phrases. If you want to prompt visitors to call you, for example, make that clear.

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