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How to Improve Your Practice for 2018

Constantly improving and re-inventing your dental practice is important for staying at the top of the dentistry field. With advancing technologies paired with the way patients access information, it is vital to make sure that your practice is staying current. Below are some ideas to help your practice for the new year.

Strengthen Relationships with Patients

Developing solid relationships with your patients is vital for your practice’s staying-power. Every facet of your practice should be catering to the patient. Go the extra mile and have staff members make notes about everything discussed so you can ask your patient about their lives the following visit. Being mindful of your patients’ experiences and checking in with them will help retain patients, and maybe even inspire them to write a positive review about you online.

Increase Accessibility

Part of this patient relationship involves your accessibility. By showing up for your patient during each appointment, and providing times you are available for phone calls can go a long way. This showcases your care and compassion for your patients.

Hone-In on Your Online Presence

Make sure you get the most out of your web presence by personalizing it! Your dental website should be showing off your photo, talents, personality and accomplishments. Photos of staff members, community events and office photos as well can have a major impact on how patients perceive your facility. By allowing potential patients to learn about you online can inspire them to call and schedule an appointment. By getting a specific as possible with everything and everyone in your office, patients may be persuaded if they are not sure which dentist to choose.

Offer Discounts

Discounts and specials always go a long way. By offering discounts to patients, you will make patients feel good and gain more revenue. Offering a discount on multiple services means more cash and happy patients!

Improve Your Reputation

Even the best offices sometimes need a bit of a boost. At Viviosites, we are now offering Reputation Management, which helps keep all your review sites up-to-date and accounted for. We can also help you generate more reviews, which in turn boosts your search rankings. This option is great for practices looking for further improvements that extend past a website or standard SEO.