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Importance of Facebook

Is Your Dental Practice Overlooking the Importance of Facebook?

Small and medium-sized businesses have a lot to gain from utilizing Facebook to its full potential. A Facebook business page is a free, customizable space to put all of a business’s information online. Besides listing your location, website, hours, and description of services, you have the capabilities to add pictures, videos, and even posts – instantaneously. Sounds pretty good right? It gets better!

Friends, family, patients, and members of the community can follow your page to stay on top of everything you post via their newsfeed. They can also leave reviews, “like” and share posts, share your page on their timeline, and invite their friends to also become your followers. With the average Facebook user having 338 friends, a few posts and/or page shares will put you in front of a new, large and local audience that otherwise may not even have known you exist. But wait, there’s more!

Do you have a website? Do you wish you had more traffic to your website? You probably know where I’m going with this… Yes, Facebook helps with that too! In Q4 of 2014, Facebook was responsible for driving nearly 25% of all traffic to websites. With the ability to link your posts and your page to your dental website, you’re always one click away from having a new visitor and potentially, a new patient.

As if all of this wasn’t too good to be true already, Facebook has been on a mission for some time to give small- and medium-sized businesses even more free tools to reach consumers. Facebook’s latest update is their biggest yet and is highlighted by different layouts that allow businesses to more easily display their services on mobile devices, a new messaging feature, and upgraded call-to-action buttons.

The best part of all is the potential to reach patients and prospective patients with information they want on their leisure time. Users will log on to Facebook from their phones, tablets, and computers to the tune of 40 minutes every day. Why not engage them while you have their attention?

To best engage your followers, drive website traffic, and increase overall interest in your services, you should have a comprehensive social media posting plan that incorporates industry news, relevant office information, pictures of your team, and more. If needed, dental social media experts can get your strategy started and save valuable office time.

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