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Maintaining a Positive Online Presence

Great Dentists Need Great Online Reputations

Social media is a powerful tool. It can literally make or break a business and is a lucrative part of maintaining a successful business well into the future. Oftentimes, it is easy to forget how our online actions can translate into our businesses. Here are some tips to manage and maintain a great online reputation.

Understand Your Current Reputation

Google yourself to see what your current reviews and rankings are from patients. This will help set a baseline for how you are represented online. Although this may or may not in your eyes properly represent your practice, it is good to be mindful of patients’ concerns and notice any patterns that can create room for improvement with your office and staff. After reviewing your online presence, come up with a goal that you want to achieve with your online presence.

Reply Quickly and Positively

If there are negative or low reviews, it is essential to respond quickly and professionally to see how you can help change this patient’s perspective. By simply apologizing and offering a way to fix the situation, you legitimize your practice as one that seeks to put patients first. Some businesses can get reactive and angry, but this only hurts your online presence and deters new patients from making an appointment.

Set Privacy Standards on Personal Pages

If your personal Facebook page divulges a bit too much about your private life, such as political stances, religious views, or detailed information about your family; it may be wise to set your privacy settings so the public is unable to find it. Personal and professional lines can sometimes blur on social media, and if a potential patient forms a negative opinion by photos or posts on your personal page, it is very likely that they will not visit your office. Keep a LinkedIn profile public for patients to find if they want to learn more about you.

Monitor and Maintain all Social Media Outlets

By checking your pages and having unique posts made regularly (by you, a staffer or an experienced company) you can ensure that you are monitoring your online reputation, as well as improving your SEO by having your name out there. Post personalized things, such as staff photos and stories of patients (with their approval of course) to give the patients an idea of who you are.

By utilizing these tips, you can cultivate a positive and active online presence that will captive patients and get them to book an appointment at your practice!