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Best Practices for Dentists to Maximize Their Local Ranking

When a patient is in need of dental services, they often turn to the internet for answers. No longer are people opening their directories to look for a premier dental provider in their area. Now, they can perform a simple search online and discover a number of reputable dentists in their area. This has made local ranking searches all the more important for dentists.

At VivioSites, we provide dentists with web services to help them maximize their local ranking on these searches. There are a number of different ways for dentists to do this and we here at VivioSites can help you every step of the way. From website design, to social media marketing (SMM), let us explain some of the best search engine optimization (SEO) practices to help you maximize your local ranking.

The Basics of Local Ranking

To simplify things, we have divided the best practices for dentists to maximize their local ranking into the basics and more advanced concepts. Some of the basic things you can do to improve your local ranking are:

  • Google My Business: Improving your local ranking begins with setting up your Google My Business page. Filling out all the information is incredibly important to maximizing your local ranking.
  • Mobile Friendly: Did you know the majority of searches are now performed on mobile devices? Not every website is mobile friendly, however, and ensuring yours is clean and functions properly on smartphones can make a huge difference on your local ranking.
  • Correct and Consistent NAP: It is also important to have your correct name, address, and phone number consistently across the internet. Include the city and state your dental practice is in as well, and you will begin to notice an improvement in your local ranking.

The Advanced Concepts of Local Ranking

Once you have completed the basics of local search engine optimization, you will need to focus on the more complex details on your website. Some of the more advanced concepts of local ranking are:

  • On Page Local Optimization: If you already have a website, optimizing the existing content is crucial. Include your services and location in your content. This will help search engines take notice of where you are located, helping your local ranking.
  • Title Tag/Meta Local Optimization: When you search something, results appear with a blue title tag line. This is the title tag. Include your city and the keyword you want to rank for. Below the title tag is a short description of what’s on that page. You can optimize this as well to help users understand what the page is about and where you are located.
  • H Tags Optimization: ┬áH tags carry a lot of weight for search engine rankings. On this page, for example, “Best Practices for Dentists to Maximize Their Local Ranking” is an H1 and “The Basics of Local Ranking” is an H2. By putting your city in an H1 or H2 tag, your local results will be improved.

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