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Multiple Business Listings

Multiple Business Listings

Keeping up with all of the changes in technology on the internet can be a full-time job, and for many people it is. However, as a dental professional, it is not necessarily yours. As a business owner and a doctor, you just want to make sure your business runs smoothly and that you are providing patients and clients with the services they need, promptly and efficiently. You want to make sure new patients are coming in steadily and that they keep returning to your office as well.

In this day and age, one of the main factors contributing to all of the above going right is a great dental website and presence online. Having your office information accurate across all facets of the net can be a big plus or a big minus when it comes to your dental SEO, or search engine optimization. You want to be ranked highly so that new patients can find you- and while intentions may be right, sometimes listings can get out of your control.

It is no secret that Google, and all of their affiliated programs and businesses play a huge role in SEO and search engine rankings. From YouTube to Google+, Google Maps and Google Business Listings- having your hands in all of these, amongst many other things, can ensure your success online. You can read more about the importance of Google Business Listings here.

Most people are familiar with, and utilize Google Business Listings these days. You may search on your computer or mobile device for a company, and a nice, neat little entry about them comes up without having to even really click into anything. You can gain information about the company’s location, hours, specialties and even customer reviews. It is very convenient and super useful. However, inaccurate information or multiple listings for one business is a major detriment.

Google specifically states that it only wants one business listing per business per location and creating multiples may be seen as trying to create “an unfair advantage.” But how do multiple listings get generated and how do you get rid of them? What is the damage they can do?

Business Listings can be created, well, by the business. You can submit your place of business to Google for listing consideration and they will either place a call to your office or send a special coded postcard to your location to prove you actually work there. From there, you can go on Google, claim your business, edit your information, and you are off!

But what if other listings for your location exist already? What if the information is not accurate?

Sometimes, an ex-employee could have created a page and lost the log-in information. Sometimes, search engines will even auto-generate listings because customers “check-in” to them frequently. Regardless of how it was created, it is important that YOU have control over YOUR location. If you cannot “claim” the listing, Google is usually pretty good (albeit, a little slow and steady) at getting back to a business owner to claim a page. You may need to re-verify your location and some information about the business first, then you can edit all of the needed details and promote it proudly.


What is the harm in not “owning” your listing though?

  1. Misinformation: often times search engines and websites will pull information from a business listing to populate their sites about your location. So if your hours or address is wrong on your business listing, odds are it could be on dozens, if not hundreds of other sites across the internet.
  2. Reputation: not only is it damaging for a patient to see your hours or location are incorrect, but it can also be detrimental to your reputation if your reviews are split up on different listings. A good Google review from a patient goes a long way not only with other patients- but with search engine rankings and from an SEO stand point. If you have 3 different listings with 5 reviews on each, it is worth less than 1 listing with just 10 reviews on it.
  3. Trust: and not only from the patient, but from the search engines. If you have multiple listings, Google may not know what one is right or what to display, or even worse, think you are trying to get ahead and “cheat.” This can lead to them penalizing you by knocking you down in the rankings.

A lot of this information may be overwhelming and not always something considered a priority- but it is undoubtable that reputation, true information, and online presence is essential to ANY business doing well.

In order to help your dental SEO and web presence prosper, one of the first things VivioSites completes is to check your Google Business Listings. If there are multiple listings, we do our best to work with Google to have them removed. If you don’t have a listing, VivioSites will create one for you and then help you promote it in the best way possible.

Your practice listing needs to be seen online in the right light. Contact VivioSites today to let us show you the way. Call (800) 227-2513 or contact us online to find out more today.