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Why Online Marketing is Essential for Dental Labs

Just as the rules of marketing have changed for dentists and other clinicians, they have for dental labs, as well. Historically, there have been a few overt ways that businesses have attempted to gain attention:

  • Bought it with expensive advertising campaigns
  • Begged for it through media attention (PR)
  • Bugged for it by going “door to door” in some form or fashion

These methods are outdated, which is fortunate because they were never very effective to begin with; and, really, you have better things to do in your dental lab than spend your days trying to hook new clients. This is where content marketing comes in. Using a website, you garner attention without having to buy, beg, or bug; you do it by adding value, by educating your clients and providing insights through professional dialogue.

 Make the Transition from Vendor to Resource

You know that you offer a valuable service to your new and existing clients; but do they? If you don’t have a website, chances are they do not. Yours is not a niche that invites potential clients through a storefront, but you rely on their business, and they rely on you to meet their patients’ needs. A website creates the bridge you need to present your services, and it does so in a very unique way.

  • Exhibit expertise. Many dentists today seek a lab to conduct a certain type of work; dentures, for instance. Your site is the best possible place to let potential clients know exactly what you do, and how you do it. Listing the various restorations you make, the materials your lab uses, the extensive training and recognitions received by your technicians, and other valuable facts sets the tone for an authentic professional partnership.
  • Case presentation. When a patient is looking for a new dentist, he or she will browse Before and After images on dental websites. Likewise, your clients want to get an idea of the work that your lab can turn out. Seeing case presentation right on your website creates a sense of trust between your lab and your new clients from the onset of your working relationship.
  • Maximize Sales Effort. Your sales force needs all the support it can get, and a website can add exceptional value to the presentation of your business by providing instantaneous visual aid to this important task.

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