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Online Strategies That Help Maintain Patients

It is important for dental practices to become strategic about how their website looks and functions. At Viviosites, we work to design visually appealing sites that are informative and up-to-date on the latest advancements in Search Engine Optimization. A website is now the first line of defense to convince patients to stay or join your practice. How can you make sure that your site is up to par?

Even if someone knows your name or has been referred to you by a friend, to solidify their choice that person will look up your website. If they haven’t been referred to you and they are searching online, your site could be appearing based off specific specialty treatments or the area your practice is located. Either way, a website and reviews is a defining aspect of dental practice success. If you have ever Googled a restaurant, odds are, if there isn’t a menu on the site and there are poor reviews, you will pick a different restaurant. Same logic goes for any business online.


Approximately 55% of online users spend less than a minute browsing a website to decide if they will stay on it. A website that is not user-friendly frustrates and disengages potential patients with an already short attention span. If you have a website that is not easy to navigate, or does not provide information on services, patients will click away and find another practice. Viviosites makes sure we mitigate any potential snafus when it comes to clicking, reading and viewing images on sites.


Choosing a dental practice is highly influenced by your online reputation. Angie’s List, and countless other websites recommend searching a dental practice’s reputation online before even checking the state dental board or calling the office! Patients have a plethora of information at their fingertips and want to ensure they are getting the best balance of experience, affordability and convenience in a dental practice. This is especially true in more populated areas and cities, where the competition is much higher.

Existing patients will be monitoring your practice online as well. If a new practice or another practice nearby is getting great reviews, offering more advanced procedures or online promotions, patients may consider changing practices. If you aren’t maintaining your website with the latest promotions, procedures offered and general updates, clients may become disinterested.


A loyal patient is the ultimate revenue generator for every practice. Once a relationship is established, odds are patients will stay committed to your practice. If patients are content with how they are being treated, odds are they won’t abandon your practice, unless they move or if their quality of service changes drastically. Make sure your patients are receiving quality care every time.

According to Dental Economics, a loyal patient could potentially be worth up to 371,500 to your practice, from visits, referrals, and reviews to help you get more patients into the practice.

Dental Economics also encourages practices to ask the question: “How can our practice treat patients so that they are undoubtedly compelled to tell others how great we are?”

The Internet is the perfect medium for dentists who need to explain their credentials, facilities, services, and procedures in detail to help patients understand how they can fulfill their needs more effectively than any other practice in the area. At Viviosites, we work with dentists to get potential patients looking at the computer screen into your office. For more information, visit our site or give us a call at (800) 227-2513.