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The Pros and Cons of Google Ad Campaigns

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A lot of our clients ask about running Google Adword Campaigns. But sometimes it may not be the best option for your practice. Depending on your goals, budget and area, running a paid ad may not yield the results that a practice is hoping for. Here at Viviosites, we pride ourselves on maximizing the effectiveness of your marketing budget to give you the results you want. Below, we explore the general pros and cons of running a Google Ad.


Instantly Puts Your Site on Page One – As your organic SEO is gaining traction, getting yourself on page one is easy by running a Google Ad. Above the local listings and organic rankings, your ad will appear. This can help keep a steady patient based as you wait for your website to begin ranking when starting a SEO program.

Set Your Budget – You can choose how little or how much you want to spend. Depending on the area, competition and keywords, this can affect your budget and you may need to invest more to see results.

Measurable Success – Reports on your account easily showcase the number of clicks, traffic and the amount of your budget that has been spent.


Temporary – Once you stop paying for Google Ads, your website disappears from page one, leaving your competition that has a digital marketing plan to take the top spots.

Difficult Set-Up – Google offers multiple platforms and options for creating a Google Ad. This can sometimes be frustrating when it comes to creating an ad, choosing keywords and picking areas to target. If you forget to pause an ad, it will continue to run, regardless if it is effective or not, and you may be wasting money after setting it up!

Additional Investment – Since ads do not impact your organic SEO rankings, you must make sure you are putting the appropriate amount of time and money into your organic search. A practice that just runs ads with no search engine optimization will get lost in the millions of websites on the internet.

Paying for Every Click – Each click to your site you must pay for, and it may not necessarily convert to an appointment. This can add up quickly with little return depending on your area and what kind of patients you want to see more of. When your website shows up in the organic rankings, there are no charges for potential patients checking out your website.

At Viviosites, we want to make sure you get the best deals around when it comes to marketing. This is why we assist our clients every step of the way in developing a unique Search Engine Optimization plans for their practice. Get a marketing plan as unique as you are, call our office today!