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Provide Your Patients with an Exceptional Experience – OperaDDS

If your practice is yearning to increase productivity and provide some of the most technologically advanced services in the industry, OperaDDS is the perfect place to start. This communication system is for successful dentists who are looking to improve communication within the office, with patients and grow their practice!

This efficient and comprehensive communication system allows for you and your staff to focus on what you do best: dentistry. It helps with every facet of your practice: patient recall, messaging, HIPAA Compliance, keeping your office paperless and so much more.

Provide Your Patients with an Exceptional Experience

OperaDDS allows you to reduce your carbon footprint and give patients easily accessible information and paperwork on their device. These digital secure forms make patient intake a breeze, saving you time and money.

Move into the future by going mobile with the OperaDDS app. This takes your communication on the go with any device such as: iPad, Apple Watches, cell phones, and computers. OperaDDS is also the leading HIPAA-secure email on the market. Chances are your dental practice may not be compliant with email communications between colleagues or labs. Don’t let HIPAA regulations potentially hurt your business. Securely email and collaborate digitally with your colleagues/labs/referrals without compliance worries.

Grow Your Practice

Grow your business by converting website views into new patient visits with the use of CareTextTM webchat. This easy to use button for your website allows patients to get a hold of you and ask any questions and book an appointment. Never miss a potential patient who is browsing your site ever again. Pre-built customizable recall notices will help generate revenue by targeting patients via text, email and postcards. User-friendly two-way texting provides patients with easy communications, without having to give your cell phone number out. With the patient recall feature, you will have distinct information on every patient at your fingertips. This allows the patient to feel more comfortable in your office and to form a deeper more genuine professional bond.

OperaDDS also provides 24-7 customer service to assist you at any time. Stay secure, boost profits and grow your practice. OperaDDS guarantees a 15% increase in production or your money back! Walk into every appointment prepared to build your practice and foster relationships with your patients.

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