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Reputation Management For Dentists

You know you have a great practice and provide the highest level of service to patients, but online, some patients may have written reviews sprinkled with some negativity or disappointment. While we’d all love to just ignore the negative, angry or inaccurate reviews, unfortunately, negative online reviews may lose you new patients. Here are some of the ways our Reputation Management program can help your practice.

Claiming of Review Sites
Many dentists shy away from claiming their review sites as they feel they are opening themselves up to negative reviews. Some may even have incorrect information, such as a misspelled name or an old address. Having this information up-to-date and in your control is incredibly important to shaping your online reputation. Patients can review your practice online with or without your consent and by claiming the profiles you are taking control of the conversation. Not claiming your profile on review sites can be more detrimental as this allows your patients, and competitors, to shape your online persona.

Monitoring Review Sites and Responding
While it is may seem easier not to address an online review, we recommend that your office responds to both positive and negative reviews. This can be an incredibly difficult and potentially emotional experience. Some offices may respond emotionally, only to make the situation worse.

We help cultivate the perfect response to create a meaningful dialogue between patient and practice so that the situation is rectified. This will encourage the negative reviewer to edit and change their response to a positive one!

Get More Positive Reviews
Patients who have, or feel they have had, a negative experience are more inclined to leave a review than those who have had a positive experience. And patients reading the reviews will trust it just as much as asking a friend for a referral. We will work with you to contact your loyal and happy patients, making it easy for them to leave a review about their visit to your office to counteract any less than stellar reviews.

The last person who interacts with a patient before they leave the office, typically an appointment scheduler or receptionist, should oversee requesting reviews from patients. This is usually a good step, but oftentimes, patients forget! Having a company emailing and soliciting reviews online is a widely successful strategy, making sure a steady stream of positive reviews are coming through with our expertise in timing and cultivating the perfect email with easy-to-access links can put you above and beyond your competition.

Reputation Management Will Change Your Practice

In today’s online world, it is so important to manage how your company is portrayed on the internet. Left unchecked, your practice’s online reputation leads the risk of being permanently damaged, however, you can take advantage of several reputation management protocols to ensure that does not happen. A good review or recommendation made by current patients can go a long way when trying to attract new patients. Potential patients trust authentic experiences shared by current or past clients, which can often times be the determining factor when looking for a new dentist.

Just like a good review can help your practice, a bad review can negatively impact your practice by driving business away. Responding personally can sometimes be tricky and may not always be the right strategy for dealing with unwanted attention. Take control of your online presence by hiring a team of professionals who are determined to improve and maintain your reputation. They have the knowledge and experience to deal with disgruntled customers, as well as how to handle things while also remaining HIPAA compliant. It is not always common knowledge that there can be legal ramifications for responding irresponsibly on the internet. An experienced reputation management agency will know exactly how to respond to diffuse any situation without escalating it any further. More than that, they will be able to help the more favorable reviews find their way to the top of the page.

Having a professional organization take over your reputation management could be one of the best decisions you make for your practice. Your priorities are focused on serving your patients, and it’s hard to find the time to go online and field reviews. You want to make sure you don’t have any disgruntled patients leaving negative comments, but you want the glowing reviews to shine. Finding time to sift through the comments section should not be a task added to your busy schedule. Hiring an agency that specializes in reputation management for dentists can relieve this stress while also giving you the confidence that your online presence is being well taken care of by a team that does this professionally.

Online ratings and rankings can dramatically affect how you rank in a search engine. Having a lot of good reviews will let Google know that you are a reputable business and they will be more likely to suggest you for potential patients.

There are other things that could potentially damage your reputation online, such as having confusing or unclear specifics about your business. It is so much better to overshare rather than to be ambiguous about your location or your specific services. Good SEO practice can help clarify information for potential patients and also legitimize your online presence. Reputation management is a key element of Search Engine Optimization and can be the determining factor for many potential patients.

Ready to change the way people see your practice online?
VivioSites has partnered with online reputation management provider BlueJay Reviews to automate review requests, making it easier for dentists to boost their online star ratings and seamlessly manage their online reputation.

BlueJay Reviews delivers a review monitoring, generation and management program dedicated to helping dental practices improve their online reputation and increase revenue by turning existing customers into a powerful marketing tool.  BlueJay Reviews can help your practice send an automatic review request to your clients via email and text message. Bluejays integration options can reduce the administrative workload on staff and ensuring review requests are sent to every client at the right time.

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