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How to Shoot Video Testimonials in Your Office

You don’t have to be a film auteur to shoot effective and well-done testimonial videos in your office. With the advanced technology that everyone has access to, recording a testimonial is easier than ever.

Find a Patient

Your office must have some outgoing, happy patients that have been coming to you for years, right? Approach them with the idea of a video testimonial. It is a fun, intimate way to show off your patients’ story, and friends and families will enjoy seeing their family member online. If you are a pediatric dentist this is a perfect way to help younger students who are interested in performing by giving them an opportunity to shoot a testimonial that they can use on their acting resumes too.

Sign a Release

Make sure you have the proper paperwork to have the willing patient to sign on to make sure that the participant understands that it will be used in online promotional materials and that they have no legal rights to them. This is a very simple one-page contract, and if you are a client of Viviosites, we can email one to you!

Set the Scene

Make sure the patient is wearing solid, neutral colors and is seated behind a solid background. If you have a white wall, great! Or if you want to get a bit more creative, position the patient in the waiting room, showcasing things like books, artwork or plants.

Shoot the Testimonial

Make sure to shoot the testimonial at a proper level, allowing enough headroom and a centered patient, much like you are framing a business headshot. Have them seated and make sure the patient is not fidgety (a tapping leg or a swaying body can be quite distracting). Invest in a tripod or a stable way to prop up the video the recording device you choose.

Have Fun

Shooting these might seem a bit overwhelming, but it is important to have fun. Don’t forget to thank the patient and staffers that helped create the testimonial (a discount or a service to the patient might be a good idea).

If you are looking for more videos for your website, Viviosites provides video packages to help you promote your business and inform patients in a multitude of ways. Contact us today to learn more at (800) 227-2513.