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Is Your Site Voice-Search Friendly?

Voice-Search Friendly Dental Website Design

Voice technology is now the new advisor for doctor recommendations. The act of sitting at a desk and “Googling” dental problems has now evolved to voice recognition technology, on your phone, Google Assistant, Alexa, Bixby, Cortana and more. This easy-to-use feature is evolving to become extremely accurate, making accessing information easier than ever.

The rate of voice searches is increasing exponentially, with the Global Web Index estimating that 325.8 million people have used voice control in the past month. And this number is only anticipated to keep increasing. So how does this amazing new technology work exactly? Depending on your device, the potential responses to your questions or commands are derived from Google search pages, Yelp, Kayak and more. Depending on the query, searchers are given a short list or a single answer. Due to the nature of these searches, it can affect how your website may show up in Google.

Voice Search Affects Search Engine Optimization

Typing is vastly different from verbally articulating what you are looking for, and Search Engine Optimization must modify its tactics to accommodate this. As voice search gets more advanced, Search Engine Optimization needs to be make sure that tactics are reflecting natural speech patterns. Picking up the nuances of language can be expressed in content throughout the website and longtail keywords when optimizing the metadata.

Mobile searches make up fifty percent of all search queries. On just Google’s mobile app and Android devices, voice searches make up for 20% of all searches, according to Search Engine Land. By making sure that your site is also mobile friendly helps your website’s optimization for voice search. This is especially true regarding content and load times.

By making sure you Search Engine Optimization is voice search friendly helps target an ever-growing patient base that uses voice technology to find the best dentists in their area. To stay on the cutting edge of Search Engine Optimization, please contact Viviosites today at (800) 227-2513.