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How Social Media Boosts Your SEO

Social media is another puzzle piece to elevate your search engine optimization and promote your website. Most dental practices know that having social media pages are important, but how does it actually impact your website? Here we discuss the importance of social media for your practice.

Raises Practice Awareness

Posting informational articles, mentioning or networking with other pages, as well as using optimization tools such as hashtags successfully will allow more people to find your practice and engage with your posts. The more engagement, the more likely they are to visit your site or are looking for a dental practice like yours.

Your Social Media Profiles Can Rank in Searches

Having all of your information matching online across multiple platforms helps your practice rank in multiple ways, and believe it or not, this can even include your Facebook page! This can only be done if your social media page is active.

Increases Your Content Visibility

Social media pages provide another platform for your content and helps promote engagement with interested online users. Utilizing that potential reach is easy to do with quality content on your site and engaging with followers. It is also a great place to increase visibility when your office is offering promotions, discounts or when changes are being made.

Providing engaging information, graphics and more for your office will help solidify your online presence and make your practice known to the patients you want to see. If you need more tips about social media or want to learn about our Social Media Package, call us today.