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Increasing Exposure with a Strong Social Media Presence and Engagement

Social Media for Dentists

Perfecting the art of effectively using social media is not that easy. When it comes to social media for dentists, it is all about establishing yourself as the expert and providing clients and potential customers with information about your practice. In this industry, social media is one of those things that has the capability to make or break your business. That is why there are a multitude of tactics to have an effective social media presence that is keeping your clients and potential customers engaged.

Being Personal: Visuals and Staying Current

To attract new followers and to keep your current followers interested, show that you are real. That is, that there is actually someone behind the screen. Posting pictures of your business, products, and technology allow you to show off what you have to offer and gives your business credibility. This allows the business to show a degree of professionalism while giving a customer comfort and the ability to attach themselves to the business. This ability to connect could make a potential client more likely to opt with your practice and provides current clients with assurance to keep providing you with their business.

Additionally, keeping your page updated and current with content gives you a step-up in the social media world. This proves that your business is trying to reach its audience and is passionate about what they do. Followers will realize that your practice is eager to keep their customers and potential clients informed and up to date on recent news, developments in the industry, and important information specific to your practice. With this, it is essential to post often, but not too often.  Posting around three to five times per week keeps your page active, while not allowing your business to be overwhelming on people’s feeds.


Social Media for Dentists

Increasing Exposure with a strong social presence

Having an Interactive Social Media Page

Having an interactive social media page can be a huge plus. This can be achieved by asking your clients questions and asking them what they would like to see more or less of from your practice. This allows your patients to have a say, while allowing you to see exactly what you need to do more or less of from the business side.

Also, creating a social media page with incentives can be a useful practice. Offering giveaways, discounts, or special offers keep your customers and potential clients coming back to your page and intrigued. You can offer these incentives in exchange for liking your pages, sharing posts, or referring clients. This way, you are getting something in return for offering these benefits.

All of these tactics increase your awareness of the business and connect you with the rest of the industry, whether it be clients or competitors. This allows you to see what others are doing to see what you can do better on all fronts. Having a social media presence that is keeping your followers engaged also increases your search engine exposure so you will be more likely to show up when people search for your business in your targeted area.

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