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An Introduction to Social Media for Dentists

If you’re looking to promote your practice and attract new patients (who isn’t), then now is the perfect time to get started with social media. Considering our progression into an all-digital world, everything is done online these days. While SEO is of great importance in increasing your practice’s visibility, social media also plays a key role. In short, social media for dentists is essential in today’s world. Your potential patients can most likely be found on numerous social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and LinkedIn.

Within approaching these potential patients through social media, there are plenty of ways you can go about it, but some practices are far better than others. No need to worry, however, as VivioSites can assist you in maintaining a strong social media presence. Having said that, let’s take a closer look into social media for dentists—it’ll surely be beneficial.

Social Media for Dentists: Why Do It

To get an idea of how important social media for your practice is, consider these numbers: According to the Nielsen Corporation, over 80% of adults in America use social media. Furthermore, 23% of the average user’s time spent online is on social media networks. With this, the need for a social media presence is clear. Why? Check out these key reasons:

  • Increased visibility to a significantly large audience
  • Personal engagement with potential and existing patients
  • Enhanced public image and strong self-promotion

The power of social media doesn’t end there, though. According to a study, over 50% of small and medium businesses claim to gain new clients through social media networks, namely Facebook. Additionally, well over 50% of Twitter and Facebook users are reportedly more inclined to purchase products or services from the business they follow. Finally, Google factors in a social media presence into search results, which means it also helps boost search engine optimization (SEO). So, how can you take advantage of social media for your dental practice?

Key Social Media Networks for Dentists

Of course, in order to make your social media efforts worthwhile, you need to which networks to join and what types of content to post. In posting quality content, regardless of the platform, there’s plenty of ways to go about it. Let us give you a push in the right direction. Take a look at some key ideas below:

  • Provide potential patients, let’s say followers, with helpful information.
  • Engage your followers: ask them questions, give advice, and reply to any comments.
  • Stay consistent with your posts and ensure you’re posting often.
  • Post interesting stories you find related to dentistry.
  • Not everything has to be related to your practice. If it will engage your followers, go ahead and post it.
  • Add links to your site within your posts.

Before you can make these helpful and engaging posts, you need to join some social networks. For dentists, Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus are all networks to consider joining. Without much doubt, a large majority of your potential patients will have a Facebook profile. Twitter is known to be a strong marketing tool, perfect for sharing quick and frequent posts. Lastly, Google Plus, similar to Facebook, is a great network for dentists. Obviously, it’ll improve your Google search results.

Get Social Today with VivioSites!

There’s no denying it: social media is a must for local businesses, and that include dental practices. With a strong social media presence comes new patients, returning patients, and a better public image. Social media for dentists is a powerful tool when used properly, and we can help you do so.

If you’re ready to give social media a shot, give us a call today at 800.227.2513 or contact us here.