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Three Ways to Elevate Your Practice

Let’s face it: dental practices can seem all the same from the outside. Your practice may be relatively successful, but more patients are always a good thing. So, what else can you do when you have great reviews, website and a steady clientele to get more patients? Below are a few unique ways you may not have tried yet to help your practice stand out in any area at any time.

Charity and Community Involvement – Getting more by giving back is a great way to help others and promote your practice. This can be done on a small or large scale. Sponsor a local event, such as a charity or a school event, donating items, or having staff members volunteer for an event or for a cause. People seeing and talking with you outside of the office can go a long way and helps generate new patients. This not only promotes your business in a positive way, it creates great practice morale with your staff, and photos from the events make great content for your site and social media!

Offer Discounts – Help your practice stand out and allow your patients to save money. Make sure you research what your competitors are offering or promoting. Offer a better option or a discount on a different procedure to help your practice stand out.

Create and Use Video – Video is an important tool to help improve your online presence. Create a virtual tour, film patients giving video testimonials, provide information or fun facts about your staff and more! Get creative with video to help your practice stand out. Videos are engaging in a multitude of ways and help provide patients with a more intimate view of your practice, which may compel them to choose your practice over others.

But using a little creativity and a little technology, you can take your practice to the next level and get more patients in the door. By having a comprehensive marketing approach that appeals to many aspects of the patient experience, you are guaranteed to have success! If you need help implementing any of these tactics, call Viviosites today!