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Tips for Creating the Best Dental Website in 2019

Is it Time for a New Dental Practice Website?

While it’s true that some medical practices and dental offices are still “on paper”, the gap is between those with a digital presence and those without is huge.

Typically, when searching for a new dentist, orthodontist, periodontist, or the like, most people nowadays are heading straight to the internet, unless they’ve gotten a firsthand referral. Some might start with their insurance provider’s website to find a dentist who is “in-network”, and others might start with Google, Bing, or Yahoo.

The fact of the matter is, if your dental office website does not show up on the first page of search results, you are unlikely to get that patient’s business. Or, if the patient has found you via an insurance portal, and cannot find any other information about your dental practice online, you’ve likely lost that patient too.

At VivioSites, we strive to connect dentists to their patients digitally, whether that be on their desktops, tablets, or mobile phones. Our dental website design is modern, sleek, mobile-responsive, and designed to attract more patients to your dental practice. We only create ADA-compliant dental websites for the dental industry, and we do it better than anyone else!


What Makes our Dental Web Services Better than the Rest?

We truly understand the dental industry, and in some cases, we can create and host your website in as little as 5 business days. The main benefits of creating a new dental website are as follows:

  1. You will attract new patients
  2. The lack of a website hurts credibility
  3. Referrals will be able to act more quickly
  4. Current patient convenience
  5. Current patient education

Don’t believe us? Think of any industry or service you might occasionally require. For the purpose of this example, let’s say “tree trimming”. There are a few ways you might go about hiring a tree trimmer: you might see an advertisement by chance, take down the information, and decide to call; you might ask a neighbor or relative who recently used this service; or, most likely, you might turn to an internet search engine. Let’s dive into each of these benefits a bit more deeply.


Attracting New Patients

When searching for a new dentist or dental practice, the average person will check at least a couple of different dental practice websites before picking up the phone or filling out a contact form. If your website is appealing to look at, easy to navigate, loads quickly on desktop computers and mobile phones, and has clear call-to-actions for making an appointment or finding the desired result, you can feel confident that your dental office website will attract new patients.

While search engines like Google can use your IP address to pinpoint your location and show you relevant results, only the dental offices who have successful digital marketing and attractive, fast websites will get new patients.



Out of Sight, Out of Mind

As the old saying goes, if your dental practice does not have a website or even web presence (including local directory listing, reviews, or social media), your credibility will be considerably lower than your competitors. Conversely, you can use your new dental website to showcase your current happy customers, your lovely office building, and friendly staff. Having a dental website is a way to show off your dental practice’s personality and style. To go even further, your new website can have a News or Blog section where you discuss local events or give advice on how to have a healthy smile.


Make it Easy for Patients or Other Medical Professionals to Refer to you

When you have an established web presence, anyone looking for you by name, location, or services can find your practice information listed easily online. This way, a potential patient could pull up your information on their mobile phone right at the moment of the referral and call to schedule an appointment instantaneously! Having a dental practice website connects those patients further down the decision-making funnel, without you having to do any of the work to introduce yourself!


If you Can Order a Pizza Without Having to Pick up the Phone, you Should be Able to Schedule an Appointment

Give your current patients one less thing to worry about – with a new dental office website, your patients can rest assured that despite the office hours, they will always be able to request an appointment or download, fill out, or submit a form. They will appreciate the convenience and your staff will save time on paperwork.


Patients Want to do Their Own Research

When making a recommendation for a service or cosmetic procedure, sometimes patients want to take time to do their own research. Others will want the dentist or staff to explain the services in detail. In both cases, having a library of resources on your website related to all services and procedures that you can direct patients to will save you and your patients a lot of time. Patients will be able to visit your dental practice’s website to download articles, view images, and find links to other helpful resources, which will also save money on the cost of printing such materials.


If the idea of a new dental website is still foreign to you, see our list of frequently asked questions regarding website design and maintenance. It’s not too late to put your business on the internet, and VivioSites makes it simple and fast for you to do so!


What do the Best Dental Websites look like?

We’re so glad you asked! At VivioSites, we pride ourselves on having the BEST dental website design in the country. We take the leg-work out of website design by offering many pre-designed templates for you to choose from. In this way, you can drop in your dental office’s business information, logo and photos to customize your website. A website should be above all easy to navigate, quick to load, and be an attractive representation of your brand. What else can you expect from a VivioSites dental practice website?


A Specific Place for Customers to Share Their Experience!

Your patients love you, and your website should give them the opportunity to show it. The best dental websites showcase glowing client testimonials that boost your reputation and your patients’ confidence in your work. Sometimes, patients feel comfortable sharing more than a few good words on their behalf – don’t be shy when reaching out to happy clients to ask if they would like to be featured in a photo to accompany their testimonial. This builds goodwill among your patients and community, which brings us to another website photo opportunity…


Show off your Staff!

Every great dental practice has a wonderful staff making sure things run smoothly and that patients have the best experience. You’ll want high-quality images of your staff working hard as well as having fun in and out of the office. Having a staff or office photo gallery also is an opportunity for you to show off your participation in community events such as fundraisers, sponsorships, or volunteer engagements. This, in turn, can connect to your social media accounts and drive more awareness of your business, thus leading to new patients. The best dental websites bring all avenues of marketing together to make your presence known!


What’s the Final Most Important Part of your Website to Get Right?

Any guesses? The answer is… content! While it might be the first step, having a dental office website that simply lists your name, phone number, office hours, and the location isn’t going to help bring in many new patients. The best dental websites have interesting, thoughtful, and helpful content that keep patients coming back and even sharing the content with their friends and family. Whether you are using your website to thoroughly explain your services, or offer advice on how patients can keep their teeth healthy, spending a little bit of time optimizing your website’s content will go a long way!


So Now You’ve Got the Perfect Website – the Work is Over, Right?

Unfortunately, wrong. The best dental office websites have a few differentiators that set them apart from all the rest.

  1. They are up-to-date with seasonal hours, upcoming calendar events, and product or service information. Nothing is worse than a website with outdated information.
  2. They are maintained by a trustworthy and attentive team of developers. How frustrating is it when you know which page you need to go to, but the page link is broken! Or an image referenced on a page won’t load, therefore failing to give you a clear picture of what to expect.
  3. They accurately reflect the reality of your dental practice – don’t keep pictures up of your office staff for more than a few years. Refresh your website by showing people a true picture of who they can expect to see while in your care.

These simple tasks may seem overwhelming at first; after all, you’re already running your own business while trying to have a life outside of work as well. At VivioSites, our team of experienced developers is adept at making updates, troubleshooting issues, and keeping your website running optimally.

There is One Thing You Still Have to do with your New Dental Website

You must promote your website! The first step when your website is live and ready-to-go is to let your current patients know! Include your web address on your marketing materials including brochures, business cards, appointment reminder cards, and any paper advertising you might already be doing. If your dental practice accepts appointments or emails from patients, make sure you are including a link to your new dental practice website in your email signature.

Post signs and start to verbally encourage your existing patients to use your new website for updated hours, after-hours numbers to call, how to submit a request for an appointment online, and how to stay in the know about changes or exciting upcoming events.

If you have a social media account on Facebook, LinkedIn, or even Twitter, make sure that your web address is linked with the account so that visitors to your social media can visit your website with one click. If you don’t currently have social media accounts, we at VivioSites can help with that!

Commit to a schedule weekly or monthly – whatever you have time for – to sit down and review your website. There are so many topics in the dental industry, from how many times a day you recommend brushing to using mouth guards to prevent teeth grinding, you are sure to have a few words to contribute to a Blog or News section, and in turn, share those on social media. Moreover, visit the American Dental Association’s website for ideas on topics you might want to explore in a News or Blog section of your website.

Perform a Google or Bing search and make sure your dental office website is coming up in relevant searches – this will be your ticket to gaining new patients. Are you registered with the American Dental Association’s Find-A-Dentist feature? To check, use the link and type a zip code into the search bar. If you do not see yourself or your practice in the search results, this is an important opportunity to add yourself. You will notice the information that is available for you to enter includes your address, phone, specialties AND website!

Similarly, you will want to register your new website with local business groups or any city-specific directories you are aware of. If you’re not sure what those are, do a Google search for some of your competitors and review the results. You will likely find a chamber of commerce website or something similar that lists their business information and website.

VivioSites also provides the service of ensuring your local directory listing is up-to-date, accurate, and dispersed across the internet. This goes hand-in-hand with our SEO package; SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and is the process of making your website the best it can be in terms of how it ranks with Google and other search engines. Ranking well usually boils down to being on the first page of results for keywords related to your industry, like “dentists near me” or “where to go for a teeth cleaning”.

If you have any questions on the topics mentioned in this post, please reach out via our Contact Us page, or schedule a free trial!