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Top Ways You Can Connect to More Patients with Dental Website Design

Is Your Dental Website Design Attracting New Patients?

When most people today seek out a new dental practice, they head straight for the internet. A quick, basic search for dental practices in the area can result in dozens of local options from which to choose. In fact, over 90% of dental practices today have websites. When considering dental website design, it is critical to set your practice apart with a professional website.

Dental website design can make all the difference when it comes to receiving and keeping new patients. Chances are high that potential patients aren’t going to scroll through several pages of search engine results to find the perfect practice. More likely, they will do a simple search for dental practices in the area and click through just a few options to find the practice they deem credible enough to visit. That’s why, when thinking about dental website design for your practice, it’s important to strive for a website that’s professional and mobile-friendly so that potential new customers know your practice is worth their time and money.

Dental website design is critical to securing new patients and running a credible practice. Even if a prospective patient finds your practice through a firsthand referral or insurance provider’s website, a lack of online presence can ruin your credibility and cause you to lose out on new patients. Dental website design connects patients to practices.

At VivioSites, we specialize in dental website design that converts website visitors to real-life patients. We create ADA-compliant dental websites with a sleek, attractive design that provides a credible and easily navigable experience, helping practices land more patients.

Here are our top techniques for landing more patients:

Mobile-Responsive Dental Website Design

Having a mobile-responsive dental website design means that more people can access your website from more locations.

Whether scrolling through search results on a desktop computer or checking in from a tablet or smartphone, visitors to your website should have the same user-friendly experience no matter how they choose to view your website. If the text of your website isn’t clearly readable across all devices, or if visitors have to spend too much time waiting for pages to load or scroll to find information, they won’t hesitate to click away and never look back.

Having a mobile-responsive dental website design means visitors can quickly and easily find key information. No matter what device they are using to access your website, if they can find the information they want in a matter of seconds rather than minutes, they are more likely to view your practice as credible and choose you for their dental needs.

Clear Call to Action

Easily visible contact information is an important part of dental website design. If people can’t find contact information, they might begin to doubt the legitimacy of your practice.

Plus, easily accessible contact information does more than just boost your practice’s credibility. It provides potential customers with a clear path to engage with your practice—whether that’s setting up an appointment or calling for more information.

If customers have a simple way to contact you, they’ll be more inclined to do so rather than click away from your website—never to return. There are so many things you can do from a computer nowadays; scheduling a dentist appointment should be just as simple. One dental website design consideration to include is a convenient way for patients to request an appointment that doesn’t rely on contacting your office during work hours. If customers can schedule an appointment at any time at the click of a button, they will—and your practice will end up with more customers.

Professional Photos and Contents

While in the past, classic dental website design may have consisted of no more than a page with contact information; consumers today have easy access to tons of information at their fingertips, so they’ll rely on a professional online presence to get a feel for your dental practice.

In your dental website design, make sure to pique potential customers’ interests with professional photographs that show off your dental office space, your employees, and important aspects of your practice. Include content that aims to provide helpful, accurate, and relevant information to visitors. Dental website design that gives a friendly, professional and helpful vibe is more likely to attract quality customers. Meanwhile a lack of professional photos and content can give visitors to your website an uneasy vibe. If visitors to your website have any reservations, they won’t become new customers.

Keeping your website up to date with information like seasonal hours and current employees is important to maintaining a professional tone in your dental website design. If potential customers find outdated information in their initial review of your website, they’ll become easily frustrated. Customers need to be able to trust that the information they find online is accurate. Be sure to set aside some time each month to focus on dental website design, make necessary updates, add calendar events, and add new information.

Populating your website with up-to-date, relevant, professional content may seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. VivioSites makes dental website design simple by offering pre-designed templates for you to plug in your information. Our sites are extremely user-friendly, so you don’t have to be well versed in dental website design to be able to create your own website quickly and easily. And of course, VivioSites will be available through the entire process to answer your questions or address any problems.

Customer Testimonials

Another thing that can help in your dental website design is the inclusion of customer testimonials and reviews of your practice. If people can see that your practice is supported by other customers through positive reviews, they’ll be much more likely to trust you.

You can make sure to highlight the most positive reviews by featuring them on a special page. Check out this Testimonials Pageto see how a similar page can be incorporated into your dental website design.

You should also encourage customers to leave reviews if they desire. A dental practice backed by dozens of reviews seems a lot more trustworthy to visitors than one that has only a few. Encourage patients to leave reviews with email or text message reminders, or in person after their appointments.

Customer testimonials can really illustrate to potential patients the credibility and feel of your practice and are important to implement in your dental website design. Testimonials can also provide nervous customers with enough information to know what to expect going into your office for the first time. Even negative reviews, though obviously not preferable, can give potential customers more information to help them decide which practice to choose.

Utilizing Social Media

Social media has become the new word of mouth. Don’t rely on dental website design as your sole source of attracting new patients. Since more people than ever before are using social media, more customers are discovering dental practices through social media channels. Social media is responsible for as many as 70% of referrals. A presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google Plus is becoming increasingly important.

Social media engagement can be tracked through likes, comments, and shares. Good content like sharing interesting pictures and relevant posts encourage followers to engage. When people engage with your posts, it only widens your pool of potential customers. Whether they engage through likes, comments, or shares, they are making your content visible to all of their friends. Just make sure that anyone who visits your social media pages can easily reach your website in one click.

Social media can also be a quick way to communicate new information about your practice to current and potential customers, whether you’ve updated hours or are offering new services that might interest people. Social media connects you to your local community and can be a great way to gain referrals.

Dental Website Design for Online Visibility

By implementing all of these techniques, you have ensured that your dental website design has given potential customers an accurate and professional look at your practice and the services that you offer. Your dental website design is quality, but what’s the point if no one’s going to see it?

As mentioned before, the vast majority of today’s dental practices have websites. If your site isn’t one of the top search results when people search for local dentists in the area, then your website likely isn’t getting many views. You can miss out on up to 94% of potential website viewers if your practice ranks on the second page of Google search results. Having new visitors to your website is an essential step toward converting those visitors to customers. Missing out on viewers means that you’re missing out on customers.

That’s why SEO, or search engine optimization, plays an essential role in dental website design. A solid SEO strategy can help you rank on the first page of search engine results when people search for dentists in your area. There’s no way your competition will outshine you when you incorporate SEO strategies to fill your website with content that both customers and Google appreciate.

SEO may seem like a daunting task, but that’s where VivioSites can help! We strive to connect your practice to new patients by promoting your online presence. Our goal is to provide transparent solutions without tying you down with contracts and crazy fees. We also provide a monthly report with detailed information about your website—from keyword rankings to the number of visitors to your website and which keywords attracted those visitors.

When considering dental website design, we employ several reliable SEO strategies to make sure your website is seen by the right people—potential customers. These strategies include:

Continuous Monitoring of Your Website 

With VivioSites, you can rely on a team of experts who will check up on your website every week to track changes, relay those changes to you, and make necessary tweaks and adjustments to match the unique needs of your website.

Optimizing Your Dental Website Design

We go straight to the source code to edit things like meta descriptions and keyword mapping in order to make sure that your dental website design is optimized to reach the greatest number of potential customers possible. We also provide off-site optimizations like link building and weekly blog content designed to help boost your website’s credibility.

Keeping Up with Technology

We stay up to date with technology so that you don’t have to. We are constantly adapting to stay ahead of the ever-changing algorithms of search engines. You can rest assured that our team of experts is adept at making the necessary changes to ensure that your dental website design will evolve with technology, instead of getting buried in outdated coding and methodologies.

A good SEO company can save you time and money and can drive more customers and business to your practice. SEO can give you an essential edge over your competition. It should be an easy decision to choose an SEO company that can help you develop a strategy that caters to the needs of your dental website design. If you’re still on the fence, VivioSites offers a free SEO analysis to discover where your website has room to improve. We also offer a free 14-day trial of our services—no commitment or credit card required.

Technology is always changing, and it can be easy for your practice to get lost in the shuffle if you rely on old methods to promote your practice. Dental website design plays an essential role in connecting people to dental practices. It is critical to set your website apart with a superior dental website design that evolves with technology. If the idea of updating an old website or cultivating an online presence seems daunting, don’t worry! VivioSites is here to help you with dental website design. Please reach out to us through our Contact Us Page to answer any questions or schedule a free trial.